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Midas And Klark Teknik Provide Monitoring For Hungary’s National Cultural Centre

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19 February 2007 — A Midas and Klark Teknik monitoring system consisting of a Siena 480 mixing console with 16 channel Helix digital EQ has been purchased by Hungary’s national arts and cultural institute, the Palace of Arts in Budapest. The mobile system will be used between the centre’s two main concert venues: the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and the Festival Theatre.

L to R: Zoltán Varga (sound engineer), Andrew Kerekes (Bluesound), Gábor Ligeti (head of sound, Palace of Arts), László Schmidt (sound engineer)

Inaugurated in 2005, the Palace of Arts is one of the most prestigious celebrations of Hungary’s cultural history over the past century. The Béla Bartók National Concert Hall can accommodate 1699 people, with an extra 130 podium seats for chamber concerts and standing room for 136 in the side galleries. The 452-seater Festival Theatre boasts state-of-the-art technology and its versatile acoustic design allows it to be used for classical music concerts, chamber operas, jazz concerts, world music, light music events and prose performances.

The Palace’s new monitor system consists of a KT digital EQ comprising four DN9344E Helix Quad EQ Units and one DN9331 RAPIDE graphic remote control which gives direct access to the functions of the digital graphic EQs, providing instant recall of fader positions via 31 long travel motorised faders. The EQ is connected to the Siena console using the Midas STS (Solo Tracking System). Available on the Siena, Legend, Heritage and XL8 consoles, this function allows engineers to bring up the graphic EQ curves on the RAPIDE by hitting the solo buttons on the console, or as an option on a wireless tablet PC, giving them complete control of all the EQ functions for that input/output (outputs only on the Siena).

According to Thomas Csernus from local distributor Bluesound, which supplied the system, the Palace chose the Midas/KT combo due to the confidence and reliability inspired by the brand names, and the peace of mind afforded by the three year warranty. “They needed a monitor system which could easily be used for international and domestic acts, and also a system which they felt confident of using, without having to subhire different systems as and when they were required,” says Csernus. “It was a long and hard decision, but they made the right one!”

Művészetek Palotája (Palace of Arts) Budapest: www.muveszetekpalotaja.hu
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