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D’Addario Launches Subscription Buying Program [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Consumers Now Offered Simple Reoccurring Fulfillment Program While Participating Retailers Build Customer Base

FARMINGDALE, NY, April 20, 2007 — The success of D’Addario & Company’s “Buy Now” program has provided the foundation for one of the most unique purchase plans to hit the music industry in decades: the D’Addario & CO. Subscription Program.

Now musicians can enjoy the convenience of a home delivery for select accessories on a pre-determined schedule. The newly launched Subscription Program will be a hit with musicians, bandleaders, and educators all while providing retail locations who have signed up for D’Addario’s Buy Now program with new and returning customers.

Subscribing is simple. Users simply visit the D’Addario online store, by clicking on the “Buy Now” link, and looking for the “S” icon beside the desired product, which indicates that product’s availability under the new subscription plan. Users then select the quantity of items they would like delivered and complete the checkout process like a regular purchase, except that it will only have to be done one time. As with other purchases through the D’Addario & Co. online stores, the order is then assigned to the closest retailer, geographically. The retailer then fulfills the order and the credit card of the buyer will be debited automatically at the time of each scheduled delivery. A consumer can immediately see their upcoming shipments upon login to their account and they can click on the link called Subscription Orders in the header of the account area to view the upcoming orders. Subscriptions are for a specified period, although cancellations can occur at any time without penalty. When subscriptions lapse, users receive a reminder to visit their D’Addario online store account and renew.

“Through the Subscription Program, D’Addario and our dealers are better able to meet the needs of working musicians,” David Via, Vice President of D’Addario Sales. “D’Addario’s new Subscription Program will provide an incredibly convenient alternative for those with recurring needs for musical accessories while supporting our local retailers by directing the business to their stores for fulfillment.”
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