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Elite Reserve Reeds For Symphony Or Saxophone Quartet [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Diamond Cut Reeds Now Available for Alto Sax and German Clarinet

FARMINGDALE, NY, March 15, 2007 — Discriminating clarinetists worldwide have rendered a unanimous verdict on the recently introduced Rico Reserve Bb Clarinet reed: Put simply, it is the finest clarinet reed on the market. “The new Rico Reserve reeds are a revelation!” says Jessica Phillips, Clarinetist with the Metropolitan Opera of New York. “I now use Rico Reserve reeds for superior sound quality, dynamic projection, and consistency of tone color throughout each register. Without having to fuss with the reed, I am free to express my own voice.”

Following this success, Rico is pleased to announce the introduction of Rico Reserve Reeds for Alto Saxophone and German Clarinet. As with the pioneering clarinet reed, Rico has selected only the highest-density cane. French cutting techniques and optical lasers ensure a consistency of thickness from reed to reed, calibrated to the industry’s strictest tolerances. The new Alto Saxophone and German Clarinet Rico Reeds are designed using the latest 3-D reed modeling software. Rico has refined its manufacturing process as part of a $10 million capital investment project. “The new machinery and agronomy techniques we have implemented at the Rico factory have resulted in an incredibly consistent reed” says Rico Product Manager Robert Polan. “I have received so many compliments from players and teachers who are so appreciative of the quality.”

A Reserve Alto Sax Reed is a logical step for Rico, given its preeminence as a leader in saxophone reeds. The new Reserve Alto Sax reed was designed in collaboration with top artists hailing from America, Europe and Japan. Participants included Dr. Timothy McAllister from the University of Arizona and the prestigious French saxophone quartet, Diastema. The Reserve Alto reed features a thicker blank for enhanced tonal depth and a smooth flat surface that provides optimal contact with the table of mouthpieces, allowing maximum reed vibration. Whereas some alto saxophones can be characterized as “thin” in tone, when fitted with the Reserve reed with its thicker heart and optimized tip dimensions, such instruments blossom with a more robust tone, in effect enabling artists to find their sound without alteration of playing techniques.

Similarly, the Rico Reserve Deutsche Klarinette reed is crafted from a thick blank of exceptionally dense lower-internode cane, resulting in a more resonant and dark timbre. Artists will appreciate the thicker heart, correctly proportioned tip, and—a Rico hallmark—consistency in build, tone and feel. Design input emanated from acclaimed players such as Ralph Forester, solo clarinetist with the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra. “The true German clarinet sound has returned,” Forester exclaimed. “It is so exciting to find a reed that responds to what German players are searching for.”

Each sealed box of Rico Reserve reeds contains the patented Reed Vitalizer 2-way automatic humidity-control system (HCS), which ensures that reeds will not warp, split or crack during transit to the musician. The reeds will begin shipping worldwide in April 2007 and will retail for $24.95 for the Alto 5-packs and $21.95 for the German 5-pack.
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