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Hybrid Marching Snare Drum Heads Provide Elusive Combination [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
High-Tension Durability with Friendlier, Flexible Feel

FARMINGDALE, NY, July 27, 2007 — Evans is breaking new ground in marching snare drum head development. Case in point: the new Hybrid Marching Snare Drum Heads. An innovative design that delivers an elusive combination: feel, sensitivity, projection and durability.

Evans Hybrid Snare Batters are constructed using two different high-tensile fibers, woven in a unique twill pattern, and then laminated with polyester film. One fiber provides legendary Evans’ durability, as well as enhanced projection; while the other contributes a level of flexibility and sensitivity that’s demanded by the marching market. It is a significantly softer feeling head than anything in Evans’ current line-up and will respond across a greater dynamic range. The unique weave design spreads the tension load evenly across the head, resulting in a stronger head that will tune effortlessly to pitch. The head is available in white-laminated and a clear-laminated version. The clear version offers a contemporary deep-gray appearance, the result of light and dark shaded fibers contrasted with a clear film.

The new Hybrid Snare Side heads furnish the desired tonal attributes of traditional polyester film, while for increased durability they feature an intermingling of tough Aramid fibers. The unique combination of film and fiber produces increased vibration and, consequently, more instant and rich snare response. Hybrid Snare Side heads can be tensioned to high tensions without fear of premature stretching. The overall tone is darker and more resonant.

The Hybrid series offers marching drummer the best of both worlds: durability and feel,” says Evans Senior Product Manager Mike Robinson. “Drummers can crank the batter head to extremely high tensions but achieve greater sensitivity across the surface. The use of disparate fibers facilitates a playing area that feels better to the touch. The bottom head, compared to other fiber-film combinations, is hyper-sensitive yet resolves traditional maintenance issues.

The new Hybrid series will be available June 1, 2007.
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