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D’Addario Releases Salle Nuovo Composite Synthetic Core Strings For Violin [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
D’Addario Sets New Standards with Violin String Sets

FARMINGDALE, NY, January 17, 2007 — D’Addario’s Salle Nuovo composite syntheric core violin strings, unmatched in their consistency and balance from string-to-string, will set a new benchmark in tone quality and response for all players.

Under the bow, these strings provide the optimum balance between resistance and response, yielding a rich and powerful tone quality in all positions. The dynamic range is expansive, satisfying the rigorous requirements of the seasoned professional performer.

Developed by a design team comprised of D’Addario engineers, professional soloists and ensemble players, and luthiers, we drew from 9 generations of string making experience that reaches back to Salle Italy, the original home of the first D’Addario string makers. The new D’Addario Salle Nuovo Violin Strings are designed to deliver a warm and rich tone at all dynamic levels. Unlike many other strings in the market, these strings will sustain their tone quality even under extreme bow pressure.

D’Addario Bowed Instrument Strings Product Manager, David Luce states that the new string sets are a milestone entry into the market.

“These new strings represent a significant advancement in violin string technology,” David states. “Simply put, we’ve managed to produce a string that delivers a professional level of performance that is widely suitable across multiple playing styles, both mainstream and alternative. Traditional classical performers, especially, will be impressed by the performance of these new synthetic core violin strings.”

D’Addario Salle Nuovo strings will be available in the second quarter of 2007 and retail for $79 per set.
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