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New Bowed Humidipak For Violin And Viola [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Revolutionary Automatic Maintenance-Free Humidity-Control System

FARMINGDALE, NY, July 27, 2007 — D’Addario is pleased to introduce the Planet Waves Humidipak® Automatic Humidity Control System for violin and viola. The patented Humidipak is the world’s first true two-way humidity system that maintains the optimum humidity level for wooden instruments: 45% relative humidity. The “two-way” system means that it actually emits or absorbs moisture as needed to maintain 45% relative humidity.

Unlike traditional water-refill humidifiers, the Humidipak is an automatic system that eliminates daily maintenance, guesswork and protects cherished instruments. Simply place the Humidipak system into the instrument case, shut the lid, and let it do the rest.

The Humidipak packette consists of a gel solution contained in a patented vapor-permeable membrane. Based on scientific principles, the Humidipak will maintain a constant level of 45% RH within the instrument case, preventing damaging fluctuations in humidity during storage, thus fostering better health for the instrument. The Humidipak membrane itself ensures purity and allows for fast water-vapor transmission.

“This revolutionary product is sure to change the way the entire music community thinks about humidification,” says Jim D’Addario, Chairman and CEO of D’Addario & Company, Inc. “We’re confident that the Humidipak will appeal to touring musicians, collectors, or all musicians who care about the investment that they have made in their instrument.”

The Humidipaks for violin and viola will be available in the third quarter of 2007 and will retail for $32.99.
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