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D’Addario Pro Arte Strings: Classical For Everyone! Ukulele Enhancements: Convenient 3-D Three-Packs [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
FARMINGDALE, NY, May 22, 2007 — D’Addario Pro•Arté strings perform well in concert halls: they are stable and resonant. Pro•Arté nylon trebles are laser-selected for exact tolerances. In fact, all Pro•Arté strings are sorted by computer-guided lasers to ensure that stringent specifications are met. Available in traditional silver-plated copper and 80/20 alloy bronze, Pro•Arté strings are lightly polished to reduce finger noise. These latest developments are sure to please everyone from the professional player to the student.

D’Addario’s groundbreaking 3-D sets have changed purchasing habits. Now Pro•Arté EJ45 and EJ46 string sets are available in threes, placed in corrosion-intercept bags to maintain freshness and packaged in a single box. Since D’Addario saves on packaging, the company passes on a 10% savings to the consumer. Pro•Arté EJ45-3D sets consist of clear nylons, with silver-wound basses, for normal tension; EJ46-3D are also clear nylon, with silver-wound basses, intended for hard tension. Both three-packs retail for $39.99 each and are available as of August 1, 2007

The Pro•Arté J92 Concert Ukulele Set represents a true advancement for the four-stringed instrument. Following in the footsteps of the successful J71 Tenor Ukulele set, as used by virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, the J92 is an all-nylon string set composed of a mixture of Pro•Arté classical guitar string gauges—specifically EJ45s. Gauges are: A .0280, E .0322, C .0403, and G .0280. The set will retail for $7.99 and will be available August 1, 2007.

Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager, explains: “D’Addario Pro Arte classical strings signify elite standards. These new additions to the line will make classical strings “user-friendly” for everybody.”
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