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D’Addario Launches New XL String Lines, From Bright And Contemporary To Vintage Warmth [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Contemporary Metal Mix for Brilliant Projection—Return of a Classic for Sixties Warmth

FARMINGDALE, NY, July 27, 2007 — D’Addario is injecting new spirit and vigor into the popular XL electric string line. A new and specially-formulated alloy sets a standard for shimmering bright tones without harshness, while a favorite metal returns, tweaked for today’s music and reflecting a new appreciation for the sounds of the “50s and “60s. Introducing D’Addario Pro Steel Guitar Strings and Pure Nickel Strings, two divergent tonal choices united by D’Addario’s restless innovation, vision and consistency.

D’Addario XL ProSteels strings replace the existing XLS Stainless Steel line. The new XL ProSteels deliver a super-bright tone, but without shrill overtones. Available in the same gauges as the existing XLS Stainless Steels, XL ProSteels incorporate the identical alloy as employed in the wildly successful D’Addario ProSteels bass line. The effect is similar for guitar: a palette of harmonically rich, brilliantly penetrating highs combined with pronounced, tight and tough lows. ProSteels will be ship as of early August and will be available in the following gauges: EPS510/520/530 - $ 9.79. EPS540 - $10.79. EPS590/600 - $11.99. EPS490 - $16.99 EPS500 - $21.99

D’Addario XL Pure Nickel strings look back to the early “50s, when nickel was the primary alloy found in electric guitar strings. Into the “60s, these pure nickel strings would be supplanted when guitarists required brighter tone and enhanced magnetic properties—characteristic of the D’Addario XL nickelplated steel string line. But pure nickel aficionados remained and their numbers have grown. They long for classic, mellow timbres that define many genres including blues, classic rock, rockabilly, and more. The new XL Pure Nickel satisfies that yearning for a fat, warm electric guitar tone devoid of stridency. D’Addario’s XL Pure Nickel Strings will be available xxx and are available in D’Addario’s standard gauges: 110, 120 and 115. All sets will retail for $11.99.

Brian Vance, D’Addario Senior Product Manager, comments: “ProSteels strings feature a special alloy that delivers a rich, brilliant high end coupled with some extra crunch. It’s a truly unique sound. Given that the ProSteels bass line is the fastest growing electric string product in decades, the ProSteels guitar version is set to gain fans quickly. And the Pure Nickel strings offer a glimpse of a nostalgic, vintage era. Many players are trying them for the first time and are drawn to the warmer, darker tone.”
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