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Hudson Music Augments The “Lang System” With The Super-Drummer’s New Book+Play-Along CD Multi-Media Pack And Audio CD

United States
30 July 2007 — Thomas Lang’s new “Creative Control” book and play-along CD along with his latest audio CD, “Something Along Those Lines”, continue to expand the availability of instructional and performance materials that provide contemporary drummers with the tools to elevate their playing while documenting the groundbreaking drum artist’s awe-inspiring musicianship and skills. Filling out the reference library of DVDs and books that began with the release of the award-winning “Creative Control” DVD in 2004, the “Creative Control” book offers explanations and exercises for the innovative system Lang created to develop his impressive speed, control, finesse and coordination using a variety of advanced hand and multi-pedal foot techniques. The audio CD complements the lesson guides and showcases Thomas’ musical application of these progressive concepts.

“These books and DVDs are intended to be instructional and inspirational,” Lang explains. “I am showing merely what is possible on the modern drumset. I think this is similar to the developments in the 60’s and 70’s when drummers suddenly started using multiple tom-tom and double bass drum set-ups. If you want to expand your imagination sometimes you have to expand your instrumentation, as well.”

“My “System” is for drummers who want to evolve further and grow technically and musically— players who need a challenge and a kick in the butt as well as some food for thought. Both of my DVD’s have the word “Creative” in the title because this method of teaching forces the student to become creative. The technique that drummers acquire by practicing all this stuff is going to make playing easier so they can focus on what to play, not how to play.”

The 84-page “Creative Control” book contains lessons with over 90 exercises. Also included are charts and extensive performance notes for five of Thomas’ musical compositions plus a Play-Along CD with minus-drums tracks. The Book+CD multi-media pack is available individually (#HL06620110, MSRP $24.95) or bundled with the companion DVD in a specially-priced Combo Pack (#HL00320683, MSRP $59.95).

Lang’s new audio CD, “Something Along Those Lines”, is a solo project that took the drummer nearly 5-years to complete. Recorded in a variety of studios from London to Los Angeles, the music is composed— and the majority of the electronic percussion, guitar, bass and keyboard tracks are performed/programmed— by Thomas with contributions from guest artists including Christian Lohr (piano) and Torsten de Winkel, Bill Liesegang and Steve Jones (guitar). All the drum parts on the recording are performed live.

“In composing the music I would combine elements that are usually considered to be mismatches,” says Thomas. “For example, I’d take a “metal” sounding double bass drum groove and put it into a “latin” context or superimpose an ultra-complex, linear drum&bass rhythm over a “trancy” reggae/pop tune. On another song I am playing a “pseudo-swing” feel mixed with bizarre sound-effects to create a computer game-like “synth-swing” hybrid.”

“It’s a fun-album. Totally not to be taken too seriously. It’s supposed to be quirky, over the top, manic and bizarre and it’s definitely meant to be consumed with a sense of humor. It’s quirky instrumental music that does not easily fit into any particular genre, not even “fusion’… I hope.”

“Something Along Those Lines” (HL#00320673) carries an MSRP of $15.95 and, along with Thomas Lang’s “Creative Coordination” and “Creative Control” Books and DVDs, is available at leading drumshops, music stores and wherever Hudson Music DVDs, CDs and books are sold. Free audio and video clips can be accessed at the Hudson Music website.
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