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Fender® 20” Premium Cables Offer More Cable Without Any Tonal Compromise [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Popularity of 12” cables spawns release of 20” Fender Premium Cables

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (July 5, 2007) — Due to the popularity of the 12” Fender Premium Cables, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Accessories Division announces the release of the second new category of best-in-class electric instrument cables. New for mid-year 2007, the 20” Fender Premium Cables are available in the Platinum Series and Gold Series. Each series incorporates all the same features as the 12” cables, including DCA Cable Architecture, proprietary die-cast ends with Switchcraft® plugs and nylon over-braiding for tangle free performance (Platinum Series) or proprietary molded ends and an ultra-durable PVC jacket (Gold Series).

“Our plan from the beginning was to segment our new cable offerings by starting out with 12” and subsequently working into the 20” line,” said Billy Pirie, Senior Fender Product Manager. “This length will give players the freedom of a longer cable run with zero compromise of tone. Our new cables and DCA architecture are now fully patent protected as well. This is a giant milestone in modern, multi-conductor cabling.”

Shipping in July 2007, these new 20” lifetime-warranted cables are designed to project a truly best in class, top-of-brand presentation.

The Fender Premium Cable line includes:

Platinum Series

  • 099-0812-003 Platinum 12” Bass Cable
  • 099-0812-002 Platinum 12” Acoustasonic™ Cable
  • 099-0812-001 Platinum 12” Guitar Cable

Gold Series

  • 099-0712-003 Gold 12” Bass Cable
  • 099-0712-002 Gold 12” Acoustasonic™ Cable
  • 099-0712-001 Gold 12” Guitar Cable

Platinum Series

  • 099-0820-003 Platinum 20” Bass Cable
  • 099-0820-002 Platinum 20” Acoustasonic™ Cable
  • 099-0820-001 Platinum 20” Guitar Cable

Gold Series

  • 099-0720-003 Gold 20” Bass Cable
  • 099-0720-002 Gold 20” Acoustasonic™ Cable
  • 099-0720-001 Gold 20” Guitar Cable
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