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Tama To Debut Performer B/B [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Synergistic Starclassic Set Combines Bubinga and Birch.

27 July 2007 — Tama is certainly one of the best-known names in Birch drums—and the first major drum maker to craft all-Bubinga drums. So, who better than Tama to combine these two great tone woods in one drum? That said, Tama’s Starclassic Performer B/B featuring hybrid shells of Bubinga and Birch, gets its official debut at the Austin NAMM Show in July 2007.

“Performer B/B is the perfect union of premium tone woods,” said Terry Bissette of Tama, on the latest addition to its professional Starclassic lines. “You’ve got the enhanced low-end and warmth of Bubinga combined with the excellent focus and powerful punch of Birch. But it adds up to something even more than that. B/B really is a synergistic combination.”

Starclassic B/B’s Birch and Bubinga hybrid shells will be available in both lacquer and deluxe wrap finishes. The three lacquer finishes include two all-new options, Dark Mocha Fade and Dark Stardust Fade (pictured). The six covered finishes include two all-new options, Lava Glass Glitter and Stardust Champagne.

According to Bissette, quite a number of influential drummers have made the move to Bubinga/Birch, including Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert), Martin Bulloch (Mogwai), Dean Butterworth (Good Charlotte), Tony Hajjar (Sparta), Troy Luccketta (Tesla), Dave Mackintosh (Dragonforce), and Spanky (Diddy).

Two different configurations are available in either 4-pc shell kit (w/o snare or hardware) configurations or 5pc complete kit (including matching snare and hardware):

  • New Fusion: 18 x 22: BD, 8 x 10” & 9 x 12” TT, 12 x 14” FT
  • Accel Driver: 18 x 22: BD, 8 x 10” & 9 x 12” TT, 14 x 16” FT


  • 4pc shell kits: $2,499.99 list
  • 5pc complete kits: $3,399.99

Also available:

  • 5.5 or 6.5 x 14” matching finish snare drums
  • Accel-size tom toms
  • Accel- & Deep size floor toms
  • 18 x 20”, 22” & 24” bass drums



  • TT/FT: 7ply/6mm. 3 inner-plies of Bubinga/4 outer-plies of Birch
  • BD: 8ply/8mm. 3 inner-plies of Bubinga/5 outer-plies of Birch
  • SD: 7ply/7mm. 3 inner-plies of Bubinga/4 outer-plies of Birch

  • Chrome-plated shell hardware
  • Die-cast hoops
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Slidable Tom Holder (All bass drums feature mounts)
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