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Metal Onslaught: Ibanez Continues To Add More Metal Axes [ Summer NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Austin, TX, 27 July 2007 — At the 2007 January NAMM Show in Anaheim, Ibanez declared a renewed focus on its offerings to metal-minded players, adding a slew of new guitars, spearheaded by its RG 20th Anniversary models.

The onslaught continues unabated at the Austin NAMM this summer, with three different all-new reverse headstock RGR320 with Arctic Frost finishes, the first RG Prestige with a reverse headstock, a gloss black X-shaped Xiphos and an ART single-cut, which could easily fit into less fearsome genre gigs when needed. Let’s take a look….

RGR320EX in Three “Arctic Frost” Finishes

Perhaps the “most metal” offering of the Ibanez summer metalfest is the reversed-headstock RGR320EX. Because of the process used to create the Arctic Frost finishes, no two guitars are alike. Every owner can be assured that his or her axe is one-of-a-kind. The RGR320EX features a slim 3pc Wizard neck adorned by sharkstooth inlays, IBZ Designed By EMG pickups, and the Edge III double-locking tremolo. Three different Arctic Frost finishes are available. The list price is $799.99

Available FinishGAR Gold Arctic Frost SAR Silver Arctic Frost RAR Red Arctic Frost
Body MaterialBasswood
Neck MaterialMaple 3ply
Neck Scale/Type25.5”/Wizard II
No. Frets/Type24/Jumbo
BridgeEdge III
H/W ColorBlack
Neck PickupIBZ Designed by EMG
Bridge PickupIBZ Designed by EMG
ControlsOne Tone/ One Volume
Case List$109.99

RGR1570SDB Reversed-Headstock RG Prestige

Also on display at 2007 Summer NAMM is the first Ibanez RG Prestige with a reverse headstock, complemented by Ibanez’s new Suede Black finish. The RGR1570SDB features the famous flat and fast Ibanez Wizard neck, powerful Ibanez V7/S1/V8 hum/sing/hum pickups on a basswood body, and the Edge Pro double locking tremolo. The $1066.65 list price includes an Ibanez Prestige hardshell case.

Available FinishSDB Suede Black
Body MaterialBasswood
Neck MaterialMaple/ Walnut 5ply
Neck Scale/Type25.5”/Wizard
No. Frets/Type24/Jumbo
InlayPearl Dot
BridgeEdge Pro
H/W ColorCosmo Black
Neck PickupV7 Humbucker
Middle PickupS1 Single
Bridge PickupV8 Humbucker
ControlsOne tone/ One Volume
CasePrestige Hardshell
Case ListIncluded

XIPHOS Is Black By Popular Demand

Right after applauding the addition of the radically-shaped Xiphos to the Ibanez metal pantheon, music store owners immediately told Ibanez, “Now you need one in black.” Well, black it is. The Xiphos features a 5pc Wizard II neck that’s perfect for precise and rapid runs, the Edge III double-locking trem, and a mahogany body for fat tones and massive sustain. DiMarzio’s D Activator pickups provide the tones favored by metalheads without the need for active circuitry.

The Xiphos is now available in red and blue “Chameleon” finishes and, now, black. The list price is $866.65

Available FinishesBK Black BCM Blue Chameleon RCM Red Chameleon
Body MaterialMahogany
Neck MaterialMaple/ Walnut 5ply
Neck Scale/Type25.5/5pc Wizard II Neck-Thru
No. Frets/Type24/Jumbo
BridgeEdge III
H/W ColorCosmo Black
Neck PickupDiMarzio D’Activator
Bridge PickupDiMarzio D’Activator
ControlsOne tone/ One Volume
Case List$169.99

ART100 Silver Single-Cut

Having already achieved best-seller status since its debut in January, the ART100 is now available in silver. Some may argue that the very affordable mahogany-bodied, single-cut axe shouldn’t be included in a press release about metal guitars, but the ART100 wouldn’t be out of place, visually or sonically, on a metal stage. Plus, you could take it on gigs where reversed-headstock axes with their dark metal association might get you some odd looks.

Available FinishesSV Silver BK Black
Body MaterialMahogany
Neck MaterialMahogany
Neck Scale/Type24 ¾″/ART set-in
No. Frets/Type22/medium
Inlay12th Fret ART
BridgeGibraltar III
H/W ColorChrome
Neck PickupACH1-S Humbucker
Bridge PickupACH2-S Humbucker
ControlsOne tone/ Two Volume
Case List$129.99
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