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Vinci Strings Announces New Fresh Lock™ Packaging

United States
Chicago, IL, 26 July 2007 — Vinci Strings announces that they will be incorporating a new envelope sealing process to their string packaging. Vinci Strings is one of the oldest string manufacturers in business and is also the creator of the string winding machine in 1950. Vinci’s groundbreaking innovation eliminated manual processes of string winding and enhanced winding accuracy -- resulting in even string tension and consistently better sound. Vinci’s invention revolutionized the string industry then and they continue to do so today with their new packaging method.

The new Vinci Strings packages include a graphic and structural redesign of both the inner and outer packaging to make it more attractive, address environmental issues and improve both its functionality and shopability. The new, consumer and environmentally friendly outer carton now features a peg-hole to allow for hanging at retail outlets, making it easier to display, and is recyclable. The Fresh Lock™ sealing method of the inner packaging prevents corrosion and oxidization of the strings, thus guaranteeing extended string life, superior tone and longer sustain.

Vinci Strings is owned by US Music Corp., located just north of Chicago. US Music Corp. is a uniquely positioned, fully integrated musical instrument company that manufactures and markets instruments, accessories and audio equipment for professionals, aspiring professionals, collectors, hobbyists and beginner musicians. Also owned by US Music Corp. are Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Amplifiers and Oscar Schmidt.
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US Music Corp. Appoints Jody Dankberg As Director Of Marketing And Artist Relations

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