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eSession Launches With Enhanced Website

United States
Leading professional internet-based collaborative music recording, mixing and project management software firm brings award-winning talent and collaborative abilities together with an intuitive interface enabling an unprecedented level of musical creativity

AUSTIN, TX July 25, 2007 - eSession, the leader in professional Internet-based collaborative music recording, mixing, project management, and home to a growing pool of some of the world’s finest musicians and audio professionals, is pleased to announce recent updates to the eSession website. www.eSession.com brings with it a number of key enhancements that add new levels of power, security, efficiency and effectiveness to eSession’s already remarkable core applications that enable musicians anywhere in the world to collaborate with top professionals on the project of their choice. These additions include a newly implemented 128-bit SSL encryption layer for eSession’s file transfer mechanism that protects files as they move across the Internet; an easy-to-use online signup form allowing the eSession member immediate access to all the features of the site; a new streamlined workflow that helps users move through the site faster and with more direct access to eSession’s powerful suite of music collaboration tools; a new Client Invoice/Escrow Bin that lets working music professionals leverage eSession’s secure payment engine to manage financial transactions between clients and musicians/engineers; and a new version of eSession’s revolutionary chart-making application, eChart, that allows users to create simple chord charts of their work.

These new enhancements add power and versatility to eSession’s core application: to connect musicians, artists, producers, engineer and mixers - in short, the creative elements of music production - together, no matter where in the world they are, via the Internet. In addition, eSession has created a membership pool that now includes some of the most sought-after session musicians and production professionals in the world who are available for hire to any eSession member. This feature alone is revolutionary: artists, producers or engineers who once only dreamed of working with musicians such as Tony Levin, bassist for Peter Gabriel; Earl Slick, guitarist with Steely Dan and the Jackson 5; Sheryl Crow drummer Shawn Pelton; David bowie keyboardist Mike Garson; or Dave Way, who has mixed records for Fiona Apple and Shakira; can now approach them directly through eSession, negotiate fees and terms, and have them collaborate on their productions. (A partial list of eSession musicians appears at the end of this release.)

eSession has brought together the critical combination of tools and an understanding of the musicians, artists and the creative process for the first time. eSession is a professional tool -- designed from the ground up to enable the production of professional music over the Internet. eSession is about producing professional music tracks that can be used in the professional music marketplace, whether for a CD, demo, single, video, film, or TV show. eSession is focused on empowering people by giving them the resources they need to create -- it’s not a software product, but rather a way to make excellent music easily.

This new form of collaboration brings about a single solution that simplifies the process of working together on musical projects. No longer is geography a barrier to working collaboratively via a network of people who are working to accomplish a specific goal - the production and creation of great music.

Founded by author, composer and studio owner Gina Fant-Saez and GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and mixer Kevin Killen, eSession is revolutionizing how we approach the music-making process. “We’ve created a streamlined solution for organizing all music data including individual tracks, stems, Pro Tools® sessions, rough mixes, final mixes, final masters, videos, graphics, lyrics, charts and MIDI files, as well as the talent who created it,” says Fant-Saez. “And we didn’t stop there. We understand that music is a business, so we built in economic as well as creative tools, including forms and agreements that facilitate negotiations between musicians, and a digital escrow ”lockbox“ as well as an international accounting system, all completely secure with access 24/7.”

Here are just some of the 600-plus eTalent members available through eSession:

  • Tony Levin, Bass - Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd
  • Chuck Rainey, Bass - Steely Dan, Jackson 5
  • Earl Slick, Guitars - David Bowie, John Lennon
  • Dave Way, Mixing - Fiona Apple, Shakira
  • Shawn Pelton, Drums - Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash
  • Mike Garson, Keyboards - David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails
  • Carmen Rizzo - Remix - Coldplay, Seal
  • Tom Roady - Percussion - Dixie Chicks, Kenny Chesney
  • Andy Snitzer - Winds/Reeds - Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello
  • Stevie Blacke - Strings - Beck, Timbaland

About eSession

eSession is the leader in professional Internet-based collaborative music production, mixing and project management. Using ground-breaking and proprietary eSession tools and protocols, recording artists, musicians, mixers and producers anywhere can work together in ways never before possible, combining talent and vision in practical and creative ways. eSession toolsets allows users to manage recording projects, hire and collaborate with talent, move their music files securely over the Internet and store their projects safely and cost-effectively. With numerous award-winning producers, mixers and musicians already working within its innovative framework, eSession is revolutionizing the way music is made.
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