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Cohedra Compact Installed In Gaswerk-Club, Winterthur, Switzerland

United States
23 July 2007 — The Gaswerk is one of the hippest clubs in Winterthur, Switzerland. Named after the former local gasplant that it had been, the Gaswerk today is the location of all kinds of different events such as theater, musicals, movies and band contests, and it is a favored venue for touring Rock and Punk bands. Especially the Gaswerk Punk Festivals have attracted the attention of the Swiss live scene. Additionally to a foyer where smaller gigs for up to 100 visitors take place, the Gaswerk features a movie-theater with a capacity of 50-60 people.

But the heart of the club is the main hall that can hold 600-700 visitors and that is equipped with a mobile stage, lighting and PA. As for the PA, the Gaswerk-association that is taking care of the management, hospitality and technique of the location, has chosen a COHEDRA COMPACT of HK Audio. Soundtechnician Raphael Sieber explains why: There were three essential criteria: First of all the sound, of course, but also especially the flexibility of the system as also the looks of it. It was neccessary that the system could be used for theater-shows as well as for our Punk-festivals. For we have a flexible stage design, the system should be easy to rigg and to reallocate.“ His fellow sound technician Mylène Jacquemart adds:“ COHEDRA COMPACT is fulfilling all of these criteria and it got an extra bonus credit for its fast bass speakers.“ There are mainly complimetary helpers working at the Gaswerk-association. It is a very effective boot camp for stagehands and technicians. Numerous technicians start there working as stagehands, learn how to handle the technology and end up in the music business being professional light and sound engineers. For the COHEDRA COMPACT is flexible and easy to handle, it is the ideal solution for the needs of the Gaswerk-association. Christian Kraska of the Swiss HK Audio distributer is delighted: “There were several demonstrations of hip line arrays at the Gaswerk and also some comparative tests. At the end of the day there were only about three big names still in the race and we are proud to say that the Gaswerk crew has decided for COHEDRA COMPACT. Additionally to our existant installations and our user-network, this is another great reference and also a demonstartion opportunity for us.”

From left to right: Christian Kraska (SDS Audio Factory), Raphael Sieber (sound engineer Gaswerk), Mylène Jaquemart (sound engineer Gaswerk) and Christoph Müller (Hyposound)

The system was sold and installed by the Hyposound company. Hyposound are confident COHEDRA COMPACT users themselves, they have used it e.g. for the sound of the famous “Heidi”-Musical at Walensee. “The COHEDRA COMPACT in the Gaswerk ist equipped as a complete touring version with flight cases and amp racks,” explains owner Christoph Müller. “This way, the system can also be used in other places, e.g. at outdoor gigs and it is 100% compatible to our rental-system. We have the opportunity to rent additional tools from the Gaswerk during their summer break and contrariwise we can add equipment to their system, if more power is needed.”

The Gaswerk in Wintertour and HK Audio’s COHEDRA COMPACT — a genius connection of two up-to-date brandings.

The Gaswerk in Wintertour: www.gaswerk.ch


HK AUDIO is based in St.Wendel, Germany. With more than 25 years experience in PA-system development and manufacturing, the company belongs to the European key players of the pro audio business. HK AUDIO’s products are available worldwide and cover the Concert Sound, Install Sound and Portable Sound market segments. From mobile compact PAs to large-scale touring and festival systems, HK AUDIO provides the right sound-solution for any venue and event!
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