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MakeMusic, Inc. Announces Finale SongWriter 2007

United States
Intel-based Mac support added to entry-level software

MINNEAPOLIS, February 2, 2007 — MakeMusic, Inc. (Nasdaq: MMUS) announced today the release of Finale SongWriter™ 2007, a new version of their popular entry-level music notation software. SongWriter allows users to quickly and easily compose and arrange music, hear their work and print premium-quality sheet music. This latest version runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macintosh as well as Windows computers.

Created for songwriters of all levels, including those who may be new to notation software, Finale SongWriter offers a large array of powerful but easy-to-use features. Notes can be entered via a computer keyboard, a MIDI keyboard or by importing MIDI files. Users can effortlessly add key and time signatures, lyrics, chords, guitar fingerboards, markings and musical instructions.

Finale SongWriter can also automatically generate two- and three-voice harmonies and drum grooves. The software also allows the user to create and edit guitar and bass tablature, save MIDI files and create MP3 files. Musicians can experiment with over 128 professional instrument sounds (a free professional software synthesizer is included). Songs sound like they are being performed by live musicians thanks to Human Playback™. All of these features come at an affordable price of $49.95.

In addition to Mac-Intel support and several other Macintosh-specific enhancements, new features include real-time control of volume and pan, customizable reverb, improved playback controls, Music XML import/export, a textured manuscript background and much more.

“SongWriter’s ability to create MP3 files and world-class sheet music — that can be opened and printed by anyone with the Free Finale NotePad® — make it easy to share your creations with friends, family and fellow musicians,” stated Mary Schneider, Make Music’s chief marketing officer. “As SongWriter is aimed at the consumer electronics market, we are excited to bring this ability to everyone interested in sharing their music.”

Finale SongWriter™ 2007: www.finalemusic.com/songwriter
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