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Focusrite Liquid Mix v2.0 Ships

United States
High Wycombe, UK, 16th July 2007 — Focusrite are pleased to announce that the award-winning multi-channel DSP- based EQ and Compression tool, Liquid Mix, has now stepped up a gear with the release of brand new version 2.0 software, available as a free download from the website. The software provides some extremely useful improvements and several solutions to popular requests from Liquid Mix users, including enhanced interaction between software and hardware, as well as expanded latency options.

First up is the implementation of a side-chain facility, allowing for de-essing or other frequency-selective compression. Pressing the “side-chain” button in any of the 32 instances of Liquid Mix activates an eighth EQ band, which appears on the EQ graph within the software window and can be selected as low-, high- or band-pass, alongside frequency, gain and Q settings. This side-chain band can be monitored separately and then sent to the compressor with the touch of a button.

Another key improvement involves the relationship between the Liquid Mix hardware control surface and each of the active software instances. Version 2.0 ensures that the hardware can now follow (as a default setting) whichever instance of the Liquid Mix plug-in is active on the screen.

Liquid Mix version 2.0 also delivers the ability to adjust latency settings. This potentially enables Liquid Mix to be used as a tracking processor, since latency figures have now been reduced by up to 75%. It also allows the user to set a minimum latency from one of 6 options, spanning 264 to 8200 samples and ensuring operation with those DAWs that only offer fixed buffer sizes above 2056 samples (such as Bias Peak, Steinberg WaveLab, Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge, Vegas and ACID).

Lastly, the Liquid Mix sample rate settings can now be changed without having to worry about any open instances of the software. When the sample rate is changed, all instances will reconfigure according to the new settings.

Visit the Liquid Mix downloads page and download the new software now for free.

Focusrite® is the premier choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts with an ear for detail. Focusrite was established back in 1985, with the introduction of the forte console, renowned for upholding a level of sonic integrity beyond compare. Since then, Focusrite’s RED™, ISA™ and Platinum™ solutions can be found pride of place in studios across the globe. Today, with Liquid™ technology and the Saffire™ range of Firewire audio interfaces, Focusrite remain at the cutting edge of digital audio workstation and signal processing solutions, with sonic integrity still forming the foundation of every design. These same qualities are to be found in numerous award-winning and industry-shaping products, designed by Focusrite for other leading brands within the audio industry.
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