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Muse Research Announces Universal Binary Compatibility For Receptor

United States
Allows Receptor to be controlled by and integrated with Intel Macs

February 09, 2007 — Muse Research, Inc. announced today the release of Universal Binary compatible versions of the software that works with their Receptor hardware-based plug-in player. The company stated that both their Receptor Remote software and UniWire™ AU plug-in are now compatible with Intel-based Macs. This allows Mac users to run all their favorite plug-ins on Receptor, while maintaining complete control and integration between their Receptor and their Mac. The Universal Binary versions are free to all registered Receptor owners and available from the Muse Research website.

Complete control and integration with Intel-based Macs brings added benefits

The new Universal Binary versions of Muse Research’s Receptor Remote and UniWire plug-ins allow Intel-based Mac users to control and integrate their Receptors with their Macs over Ethernet. Specifically, Receptor Remote software lets you see and completely control the Receptor’s graphical user interface on your Mac using a standard Ethernet cable, The AU version of Receptor’s UniWire plug-in lets you run VST plug-ins on your Receptor as if they were inside your Mac, with all MIDI and audio going between the computer and Receptor over Ethernet.

This announcement of compatibility between Receptor and Intel Macs brings significant upside to Intel Mac users because many of their plug-ins have not been ported for Universal Binary compatibility. As a result, musicians who own Intel Macs are not able to run all of their favorite plug-ins inside their Macs. With this new software musicians can run their virtual instruments and effects on their Receptor, and their favorite DAW or sequencer packages on their Mac, giving the musician the best of both worlds.

“This is really great news for Intel Mac users,” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research. “Not only can you control your Receptor remotely with your new Mac now, but you can also run plug-ins that are incompatible with your Mac on your Receptor, avoiding the wait for Universal Binary Compatible versions of your favorite virtual instruments and effects” he concludes.
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