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Steinberg Announces Audio Mastering DVD-ROM Tutorial Series [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
New three-volume compendium offers a complete mastering course

Hamburg/Frankfurt, March 28 2007 — Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is pleased to announce a new DVD-ROM tutorial series that offers a complete guide to digital audio mastering. The new three-part series covers almost every aspect of producing a great-sounding professional master, and provides both digital audio essentials and expert techniques, supported with practical examples throughout. Audio Mastering will be available in Q2 2007.

“This series offers one of the most complete step-by-step tutorials on audio mastering in digital environments that are available today,” states Frank Seidel, Steinberg’s Product Manager for Audio Mastering. “This series opens up areas of mastering and digital audio technology in a very accessible way to anyone who wants to produce their own masters, and offers an immense resource of detailed knowledge for both newcomers and experienced engineers.”

Audio Mastering offers a complete, authoritative library of mastering knowledge, all the way from fundamental principles behind digital audio through to highly specialized mastering techniques and strategies. Using Steinberg’s industry-standard WaveLab 6 mastering software as its reference application, Audio Mastering also provides practical examples that make the expert knowledge and techniques contained easily accessible.

About the author

Friedemann Tischmeyer has been working professionally in audio mastering and mixing for more than 15 years. Being an engineer for countless well-known artists and the owner of his own independent mastering facility, Friedemann has also published his two extremely well-received books “Audio Mastering with PC Workstations’ and “Internal Mixing’.

Content Overview

Volume I

  • “What is mastering”
  • Defining the goals of mastering
  • CD mastering of stereo tracks
  • CD mastering from groups
  • Time management
  • Studio acoustics & room acoustics testing and calibration
  • Choice of speakers & speaker layout
  • Equipment requirement for mastering
  • Cabling
  • Operation system settings
  • Audio interfaces
  • Frontend & backend
  • Our sense of hearing
  • The Fletcher-Munson curve
  • Listening strategies
  • Ear training
  • Frequency distribution
  • Metering for mastering

Volume II

  • Loudness and peak levels
  • What are interleaved sample-overs?
  • Headroom for encoding
  • Normalization
  • Judging loudness
  • Reference values for loudness
  • PCM — the principle of digital audio
  • Basics of bit resolution
  • What is truncation?
  • Sample rate basics
  • Sample rate conversion (SRC)
  • All about dithering
  • What is jitter?
  • Wordclock and houseclock
  • What is DC offset?
  • ISRC / EAN
  • Redbook & DAO/TAO
  • Optimal workflow
  • Phase 1: Preparation
  • Batch processing
  • Volume III
  • Phase 2: Creative sound processing
  • Optimizing the best-sounding track
  • Using the leveler for A/B comparisons
  • Saving master section settings
  • PQ editing
  • Editing CD text & EAN / ISRC
  • Final master montage
  • Phase 3: Follow up
  • Verification master
  • Error elimination
  • Choice of master medium / DDP versus CD-R/CD-ROM
  • Audio CD report
  • Creative Processing: Basic strategies
  • Order of processing steps
  • Working with EQs
  • Fletcher-Munson curve and EQing
  • Important filter types
  • Compressors
  • Typical examples and strategies
  • Practical editing examples with master section

Price and availability

Audio Mastering will be available in three volumes priced at €49.00* each.

All trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners.

*SRP. Price may be subject to regional variation.
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