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Kool And The Gang Jungle Boogie With Adamson

United States
TORONTO, ONTARIO, July 4, 2007 — Kool & The Gang found a special sound at the unique junction of jazz, r&b, funk and pop. Their music has been created by the same core of players for over thirty years: Robert “Kool” Bell, his brother Khalis Bayyan, their longtime friends Dennis “DT” Thomas and George “Funky” Brown, and past members Robert “Spike” Mickens, the late Charles Smith, Ricky West, and Woody Sparrow. Kool & The Gang’s story started in the Jersey City projects. They were teenagers, studying Miles Davis albums and James Brown singles, jamming in basements, partying for the people in a swirl of black consciousness. Their songs have been featured in films like Rocky and Saturday Night Fever.

Kool and the Gang show in Torino, Italy took place at the Olympic Sports Arena with Lombardi Service S.R.L., who are presently on the road with Gigi D’Alessio, providing an Adamson Y-Axis system for the event. Toni Soddu, Gigi D’Alessio’s new FOH engineer, was there as the stage manager and John Ryan, CHIC FOH, did the shooter design and gave Luca Libraro a hand with the system setup. “The nice thing is that I had received a CAD drawing of the arena because the rigger there needed to know ahead of time where I wanted my hanging points. I did a first shoot at home with a CAD plot and when I got to the arena, I decided not to change anything…and it was rockin’!!!” commented John Ryan.

The stage took up half of the arena, as there was another stage set-up, back-to-back, for the conference. There were about 1200 people, all invitees for the corporate meetings. The local production manager insisted that everyone would stay on the floor and kept all seating off limits.

A total of 24 Y10’s with 12 Y10 Subs were used. John Ryan calculated the shoot by fixing the maximum distance, right behind his head before the glass that separates the first seats from the hockey field, and the response was really amazing. “I had practically no reflection from the empty Plexiglas seats and flat surfaces. The sound was evenly distributed throughout the floor”.

The subs were stacked in a “L” position to minimize the off-center lobe and ended up working pretty well. During the middle part of the concert John checked out the inputs on the crossovers and even though they were barely moving: “The SPL out front was more than excessive for a “bunch of black suits’…The same system could have easily done an audience of 3000 standing in the same place, with no loss at all.” continued Ryan.

Gigi D’Alessio will be in the same arena during his tour, but occupying the whole venue. Toni Soddu is still a newbie on the Adamson system, but he heard it at the Kool & the Gang show and was really happy about how it sounded. After his first few shows with Gigi, he’s already admitted that he’s never heard such an omnipresent voice. “It feels like the vocals follow you wherever you are in the venue and wherever it is in the mix, it’s never sacrificed”.

Adamson Systems Engineering develops and manufactures high-end loudspeaker systems for the professional touring and installation market throughout the world. With over twenty years of experience, Adamson is recognized as an industry leader in the research and production of innovative loudspeaker technologies.

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