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Three New Gig FX Pedals Now Available In The UK From SCV, London

United States
SCV, London, June 20th, 2007 — This spring saw the edition of gig-fx™ pedals to the SCV portfolio of guitar products. With two already outstanding pedals, the Mega Wah and CHOPPER™, gig-fx™ have now release another three; the PRO-CHOP™ and VOD with great new features and the mono KILO WAH following in the MEGA WAH’s foot steps. With gig-fx™ pedals renowned for stunning sound, innovative features and rock solid build these new offerings promise even more for the discerning player.


The PRO-CHOP™ is the first tremolo pedal with a frequency read out and MIDI clock sync. If you’ve had trouble sync’ing your tremolo to the track, want to create rhythmic pulses exactly in time to the beat or always want to start a tremolo song at the same tempo then The PRO-CHOP™ can do all this and more. Based on the best-selling CHOPPER™ pedal, a tremolo /chopper / stereo panner pedal, whose frequency can be controlled by an on-board expression pedal the PRO-CHOP™ adds to these features with great sync’ing capabilities.

For the first time ever a musician can set a precise and repeatable tempo for a tremolo wave / chop / pan effects. No more fiddling with rate controls to get the tempo right. There are two ways to achieve this; one is by setting the frequency read out on the LCD to the chosen tempo. The second method is by syncing with any track that has a MIDI clock available. By syncing with a given MIDI clock beat, the PRO-CHOP can allocate or 8 chops / pans / tremolo waves allowing a wide variety of sound patterns. Whenever the device is turned on, it will be in perfect sync from the first note.

The LCD is brightly lit with blue light so it can be seen easily on stage. The PRO-CHOP features all of the sounds that its sister product, the CHOPPER can produce, including echo-emulations, stereo chopping and stereo Leslie effect with foot control of the rotation speed.


The first Variable OverDrive pedal! Some songs require a little clean boost, other songs need some additional drive and edge, and other songs need crashing chords, shredding or wailing solos. One song might need them all. The VOD can do them all in one pedal by featuring a unique three-position switch built into the pedal mechanism. The VOD achieves all of the above with extremely low noise and world-class tones.

The VOD allows the musician to step on the pedal to achieve three different levels of distortion. Each level can be pre-set to give the exact amount of gain and distortion required. Three LEDs indicate precisely which sound has been selected and a notched pedal mechanism lets the musician feel when each level has been achieved. In addition, the VOD features a powerful three-band EQ to allow the musician to select the tone of the distortion to an individual taste or preserve the natural tone of the instrument.


The KILO-WAH captures the versatility and sounds of the popular MEGA-WAH but in a mono format and at a lower cost. It is a versatile pedal with four on-board wah effects and features a classic wah sound, the renowned MEGA-WAH sound with fattened bass, wider sweep and boosted resonant peaks, an auto-wah and finally a funky note-triggered wah which is an envelope filter that actually sounds musical. The pedal is activated by a noise-free, wear-free optically-linked pedal mechanism.

Four setting provide various effect. The Classic “CRY” setting emulates the exact waveforms and sweep of a classic wah pedal that we all know and love. The “MEGA” setting takes that classic wah sound and extends the bass with no loss to the high end, which is something other pedals can not do because of inductor limitations. The result is a deep low end and a wide sweep all the way to a crisp and clear high end. In the “TRIG” setting, the MEGA WAH effect is triggered by a note to produce a clean and funky envelope type effect and given the low end response, is great for adding percussive texture to any rhythm pattern. In the “AUTO” setting, the pedal provides a wah at a given frequency as governed by the rate control.

Availability and Pricing:

These pedals are available now through SCV London’s network of dealers. UK RRP prices are as follows.

  • Pro-Chop £229.99inc
  • VOD £164.99inc
  • Kilo-Wah £144.99inc

About Gig FX

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, Gig-FX first released the Chopper in DEC 2005, which received acclaim for its innovative design and unique stereo effects, as well recreating classic chopping as heard on releases such as the Who song “You Won’t Get Fooled Again’. Following on from this success came the Mega-Wah, featuring classic wah effects and new flexibility for the creative musician. It soon became the defacto standard in its class and has been heavily featured by creative musicians, including Tool on their 10,000 days CD.

The Gig FX ethos is simple and focused, aiming to design and manufacture light-weight, road-worthy products to the highest standard of reliability, all pedals use cast aircraft aluminum shells and optical circuitry for example. Always striving to create different and exciting products that fill niches in the market and add entertainment value means Gig FX are a company to watch with a keen eye. Products are designed for the professional and working musician by maintaining high standards of signal integrity, low noise circuits and seamless, transparent pedal by-passes. Gig FX are also striving to remain in the analog realm, they are not fans of scrolling through patches on stage!

About SCV London

SCV London is one of the most high profile distributors in the UK Music Industry today, offering a wealth of recording technology and guitar products for professionals and hobbyists alike. SCV London offers hundreds of products from our many suppliers ranging from computer products to award winning studio monitors.

SCV London was founded in 1986 by founder Julian Blyth. Since commencing the distribution division in 1994 SCV London has grown substantially, most recently expanding into the MI market. www.scvlondon.co.uk
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