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Neutrik Cable Making And Interconnectivity Workshop Available At La Sierra University

United States
RIVERSIDE, CA, June 14, 2007 — Neutrik, designer and manufacturer of the XX series XLR cable connector, recently provided an assortment of its best-selling products to La Sierra University’s Music Technology Program for its Neutrik Cable Making and Interconnectivity Workshop, which will be available to select students during the Fall 2007 semester.

The workshop is designed to provide students with practical and theoretical instruction in understanding the importance of quality components in maximizing recording and sound reinforcement signal chains. It will teach students the proper techniques for building three types of audio cables [XLR, 1/4″ mono and stereo cables] and for testing the quality of the signal through those cables. The students will also build balanced 1/4″ cables to be used in a patchbay located in the Music Technology Program’s student recording studio.

The LSU - Neutrik Cable Making and Interconnectivity Workshop is being given by the La Sierra University Music Department’s Music Technology Program in cooperation with the LSU Physics Department. The workshop will be overseen by Professors Frankie Farrell of the Music Technology Program and Edwin Karlow of the Physics Department, and led by audio technician, Carlos Prado.

Neutrik’s donation includes 24 NP2X-B mono phone plugs to make instrument cables, 48 NP3X-B stereo 1/4″ phone plug cable connectors to interconnect six pieces of equipment in the student recording studio, along with 12 NC3MX-B XLR cable connectors [male 3 pole] and 12 NC3FX-B XLR cable connectors [female 3 pin] to make microphone cables.

Neutrik USA has also donated a Neutrik NYS-SPP-L balanced 1/4″ patchbay for the program’s studio. The patchbay will be used on a daily basis by the University’s Music Technology students and will play a crucial role in their recording projects.

“We plan to limit the number of students in the workshop to twelve so that we can provide individual attention to each student as they learn essential soldering and audio cable construction techniques,” said Farrell, music technology professor at La Sierra University. “We would not have been able to create this special workshop at La Sierra if it weren’t for Neutrik’s generous donation and support. We hope to continue to offer this special program to our students in years to come.”

“Being involved in this workshop was an easy decision for us,” states Jim Cowan, President of Neutrik. “Neutrik continually looks at ways to enhance educational programs nationwide, as the students of today are the audio engineers of tomorrow. It is an honor to have this program named after our company.”

Neutrik manufactures a wide array of XLR connectors and receptacles, jacks and plugs, speaker connectors and accessories for the professional audio industry.
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