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Real Sound Lab Opens US Office

United States
Riga, Latvia, 1 May 2007 — Mr. Viesturs Sosars, Chairman and CEO of Real Sound Lab, announced today the company’s decision to open its first subsidiary office in the United States. As part of a master plan to bring Real Sound Lab products and technologies to the forefront of attention on a worldwide basis, Mr. Sosars said, “I couldn’t be happier with the recent arrangements that we’ve made.”

Going on, Mr. Sosars stated, “Key to our decision was our ability to develop a cooperative venture with pro audio industry veteran, Ken DeLoria. DeLoria founded Apogee Sound Incorporated, a California based pro audio loudspeaker manufacturer, in 1985. Following international success that culminated in the sale of the company, Ken later joined Digidesign as Worldwide Director of Sales for its VENUE live sound products. Most recently, after a year in Pennsylvania working with Community Professional Loudspeakers, Mr. DeLoria was ready to return to the warmer climate of southern California and take on this new challenge.”

DeLoria speaks, “I’m absolutely convinced that our CONEQTM measurement and alignment technology will fundamentally change the way audio systems are integrated into acoustical environments. Following many years of audio measurement work and system tuning for shows, installations, and events of all types, I can confidently say that CONEQ represents the first radical new thinking I’ve seen in nearly three decades. Because CONEQ is not based on an SPL measurement, but rather on an Acoustic Power Measurement, the capabilities are like nothing that’s come before.”

Mr. DeLoria will be responsible for the worldwide sales and marketing efforts of the company’s products and services in all pro audio markets including touring, fixed installations, cinema, and recording.

DeLoria goes on, “Imagine a system that resolves full-bandwidth measurements collected at several hundred physical points in space around a loudspeaker or speaker array, in just over two minutes. Then, imagine the system creating a corrective algorithm that applies 4,096 points of magnitude response correction to the sound source, with latency that’s hardly greater than that of the A/Ds and D/As themselves. The results approach the unfathomable,” he stated excitedly.

Mr. Sosars continues, “Our new office in California is just the start of our worldwide expansion plans. We’ll be opening a second US subsidiary intended to address the worldwide consumer electronics market, as well as to explore licensing opportunities of our technology, initially sharing office space and basic resources with Ken’s pro audio endeavor.”

Real Sound Lab is based in Riga, Latvia and engages in the research, development, and commercialization of DSP based products designed to broadly enhance the experience of reinforced and reproduced audio.
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