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New Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Cymbal Boom Arm [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
23 January 2007 — Gibraltar’s new Ultra Adjust cymbal boom arm provides infinite positioning and placement capabilities. A hideaway boom section attached to a 360-degree gearless mount puts the “Ultra” in Ultra Adjust.

Gibraltar’s SC-UCB Ultra Adjust Double Cymbal Boom Arm.

The arm can be positioned freely along the axis of the sphere by turning a single T-Handle. The need for individual wing nuts for each rotation is eliminated due to the multi directional capabilities of Gibraltar’s patented Ultra Adjust technology.

For more cymbal mounting possibilities, check out Gibraltar’s SC-UCB Ultra Adjust Boom Arm with two gearless adjustments and extensions. Cymbals can be positioned anywhere...in record time!

  • SC-USCB Ultra Adjust Single Cymbal Boom Arm
  • SC-UCB Ultra Adjust Double Cymbal Boom Arm
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