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Midas XL8 Rocks En Español At “Vive Latino” Festival

United States
21 June 2007 — Held annually at the Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City, “Vive Latino” has grown into one of the biggest Rock en Español music festivals in Latin America. This year’s two-day, three stage program ran on May 5&6, with tens of thousands of fans flocking to see dozens of Spanish-speaking acts from across all genres, including Ozomatli, The Magic Numbers, Devendra Banhart and Grammy winners Café Tacuba.

Excellent sound quality was ensured by two new Midas XL8 digital consoles at FOH position, deployed by Representaciones de Audio. In addition, a Midas XL4 was used to route the vast amount of broadcast feeds for the show. Steve Lotzer and Jim Pfitzinger of Midas where on hand to provide manufacturer support for the event: “The XL8 provided the ideal balance of digital flexibility with Midas rider-friendliness and sound quality,” says Lotzer. “While one band was being mixed, the next band’s engineer was on the second XL8, setting up his mix. Anything that was going to be re-used, drum mics, etc., was patched into both XL8s, so a rough mix, VCAs and groups, etc., could be dialled into the other console prior to the next set, allowing for seamless transitions during the fast-moving show. You set up your show on one XL8, upload it to a memory stick, bring it over to the other XL8, load in the show data, do your final tweaks and you’re good to go.”

“With so many bands on the bill, a lot of engineers came through FOH over the weekend, and most, being comfortable with the familiar feel and sound quality of analogue Midas desks, were eager to work on the XL8, and found it easy to look at the work surface and quickly dial in their mixes. “The visuals are such a great aspect of XL8,” Lotzer adds, “from the group colour coding system to the fact you can type your channels in, instead of laying tape. All these details add up to make XL8 as user-friendly as it is sonically impressive.”
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