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Classical Guitar Maker David Whiteman — Appoints Larry Wexer

United States
1 June 2007 — Leading British classical guitar maker, David Whiteman, has appointed the formidable Larry Wexer to handle sales of his hand-built instruments in the US. Acoustic specialist Wexer, who has an M.A. in Ethnomusicology, earned his enviable reputation in the industry dealing in fine, high-end American vintage guitars. In addition, he’s also consulted for Christie’s on both of the auction house’s Eric Clapton sales. More than happy to arrange private viewings of David Whiteman’s prestigious instruments, Wexer will also be responsible for overseeing the growth of the brand in the US. Said Wexer, “I’ve had the privilege of handling some extremely fine classical guitars in recent years, which have inspired me to learn even more about this type of instrument. This opportunity to work with David Whiteman will allow me to enter the classical market representing his beautiful guitars, which I believe will prove exceedingly popular with classical musicians here in the United States.”

Through 1992-2001, David Whiteman held the position of Senior Lecturer at The London Guildhall University, where he specialised in teaching guitar making. However, today the luthier concentrates solely on producing a limited number of his own instruments based on 19th and 20th century designs. According to their maker, his aim is to produce guitars that have balance and clarity with a crisp, strong treble and a firm, powerful bass response. While great volume has never been a priority, Whiteman knows from experience his guitars have the projection and power professional players demand.

US Sales Enquiries

Larry Wexer, Larry Wexer Ltd.: www.wexerguitars.com
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