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Grammy® Winning Nashville Guitarist And Songwriter Unveils New Vox-Themed Studio

United States
MELVILLE, NY, 18 May 2007 - Prolific Nashville guitarist/producer/songwriter Gordon Kennedy has spent his life in the presence of the biggest names in the music industry, from his own music-infused childhood, to his GRAMMY-winning endeavors with today’s top artists. Whether it’s working on tracks with Peter Frampton, Garth Brooks, and Michael McDonald, or writing songs for artists from Eric Clapton to Trisha Yearwood, Kennedy has always been a big fan of the sonic palette that VOX amplifiers provide. So it is no wonder that when designing his new in-home studio in Nashville - The Ample Room - Kennedy chose a striking VOX motif, covering nearly every inch of space with the distinctive VOX diamond grille cloth, tolex, and other amplifier accouterments.

“I grew up in a music family,” stated Kennedy. My father, Jerry, was one of the original A-team session players in Nashville in the early sixties. He played on Roy Orbison’s “Oh Pretty Woman’, Elvis Presley’s “Good Luck Charm’, Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde’, and a whole host of country standards like Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man’. So, I kind of grew up in that environment, and my earliest recollections as a kid were being surrounded by my dad’s guitars and an amp or two that were lying around in the basement.“ Kennedy continues, ” I eventually acquired an old AC-30 that I had just fallen head over heels in love with. It was one of the old VOX Super-Reverb Twins on a tilt stand with a 2x12 cabinet. I used that on a lot of great sessions, along with a vintage AC30 and an old Escort that I later purchased. I really love that glassy top end and shine that shows up in the right place in the mix of whatever song you’re using it on. Now, I’m very interested in checking out the new handwired AC15’s.“

When it came time to outfit Kennedy’s new in-home studio earlier this year, VOX played a unique role in his sonic vision. ”When I was confronted with making my studio into something unique with an unmatched vibe, I immediately thought of a musical motif based on the sound I had come to rely on. We began design, and with help from the people at VOX, we were able to cover the walls and acoustic treatments with VOX grill cloth, along with light and electrical outlet covers, trim details, and other touches, including amplifier handles for the studio doors. It really became an immersive tribute to VOX and to the design of the amplifier. Everyone is pretty amazed with the level of detail that went into this, and they immediately ask about my personal experience with VOX. I only need to play a few notes through my AC30 and their question is answered. This is my tribute to that legendary sound," Kennedy concludes.
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