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Conn-Selmer Announces 2007 “Kings Of The Field”

United States
10 May 2007 — Seven leading drum corps from DCI and one corps from Drum Corp Europe have chosen the King “Ultimate” Marching Brass from Conn-Selmer as their exclusive brass line. This large showing in the DCI ranks is the result of superior design that provides both a clear sound advantage, as well as physical control and maneuverability that allows for more successful movement.

Phantom Regiment

The USA-made King brass was first developed in conjunction with DCI perennial favorite, Phantom Regiment. Continual advances have been pursed since the line’s introduction and, today, King Ultimate Marching Brass boasts unique and patented features not available elsewhere.

Denver Blue Knights

In 2007, King Ultimate Marching Brass will be seen and heard at DCI events with Phantom Regiment, Blue Knights, Spirit of JSU, Blue Stars, Boston Crusaders, Sacramento Mandarins and Southwind. In Europe, Northern Star is the first to carry the amazing King sound in the Drum Corp Europe shows.

The King line features six different instruments, specifically designed for marching field application. The model 1117 trumpet delivers a powerhouse sound through its dynamically angled bell. Strategic bracing makes this horn perfect for high-energy maneuvers. The King Marching Mellophones have always been a favorite for their sound and intonation. The addition of a dynamically angled mouthpipe helps deliver a fuller, richer tone on the model 1121.


The model 1122 Marching French Horn has been designed with a unique bell throat that creates a powerful alto voice with excellent low register projection. Pitched in Bb, this model also provides excellent upper register stability. The King Marching Baritone Horn model 1127 delivers a rich, but focused, sound. Response is very free, allowing players to get more sound.

The King Marching Euphonium has received praise from all ranks. The model 1129 delivers a rich, warm sound with excellent projection. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold.

Blue Stars

The new model 1151 King Ultimate Marching Tuba plays right into the modern corps hands. Not only does the instrument’s sound penetrate and carry across the field; its unique design and comfortable playing features offers benefits that no other marching tuba can. The new instrument has a .734” bore and 21” bell and boasts an angled ergonomic valve section that allow for maximum speed and dexterity. A fast-action double slip slide (patent pending) provides for instant tuning. This King tuba also boasts a unique “sight window” design (also patent pending) which allows the player a clear line of sight to the left, a feature unheard of in other marching tuba designs. The benefits of this sight window are tremendous, considering the impact o on show design and the ability of the player to actuate moves with much more confidence.

The latest advancements in King Ultimate Marching Brass are available at www.kingwinds.com.

“The character of sound that these instruments deliver really does make an impression with today’s critical marching audiences,” said Mike Kamphius, director of marketing for background brass “Intonation, clarity, projection, response — these attributes are simply not available with typical marching instruments. It’s exciting to hear King Ultimate Marching Brass on the field.”

Conn-Selmer, Inc., the largest manufacturer of band and orchestral instruments and accessories in the United States, is a division of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.
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