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Fender® Squier® Guitars Get Hot-Rodded [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
New Vintage-Modified Stratocaster® and Telecaster® Instruments Bring Custom Finishes and Features to New Levels of Affordability

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (January 18, 2007) — This ain’t your daddy’s Squier®! Fender is proud to introduce its new Squier Vintage Modified Series of Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars to aspiring players everywhere, delivering smooth playability, killer looks and custom “hot-rod” modifications that players have been making on their guitars for years.

Comprising the Vintage Modified Strat®, Strat HSS, Tele® SH, and Tele SSH, this new Squier series brings some very popular tweaks to classic guitar designs, eliminating the hassle of instrument modification and giving beginning-to-intermediate guitarists more tonal and cosmetic options.

“Whether it’s installing hotter pickups, alternate pickguards or just plain personalizing instruments with fancy paint jobs, modified means adding new twists to familiar designs,” commented Squier Marketing Manager Chris Gill. “To put it simply, why do it yourself when you can have Squier do it for you?”

The Vintage Modified Strat is a customized classic that’s available in four head-turning finishes, including Cherry Sunburst and Metallic Red. But custom colors are only the start; it also features a gloss-finished maple neck, three Duncan Designed™ single-coil pickups and a vintage six-saddle tremolo.

For Strat fanatics seeking a little extra growl, Squier offers the Vintage Modified Strat HSS, which includes a gloss-finished maple neck, two Duncan Designed™ Strat Stack® hum-canceling pickups, and an HB-112 humbucking bridge pickup for that big, chunky low end—perfect for hard rock and metal.

The Vintage Modified Tele SH is a cool customer available in Metallic Red and Black. It serves up a personalized touch thanks to its gloss-finished maple neck, black chrome knurled knobs, Duncan Designed™ Tele Stack® and HB-102 humbucking pickups with warm, musical Alnico 5 magnets, and that telltale reverse control plate—a popular and easily recognizable player’s mod.

Finally, the Vintage Modified Tele SSH incorporates chop-shop hardware looks and a unique three-pickup configuration for tonal possibilities galore. This guitar incorporates Duncan Designed™ Mini HB, Tele Stack®, and Strat Stack® hum-cancelling pickups—as well as flexible five-way pickup switching, black chrome knurled knobs and reverse control plate.

“Don’t risk taking your instrument to a chop shop,” concluded Gill. “Let Squier mod your guitar for you!”

Squier Vintage Modified Series guitars will be available in limited quantities beginning January 2007.
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