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Squier® Introduces Cutting-Edge Guitar/Amp Packs For 2007 [ Winter NAMM 2007 ]

United States
Stop Dreaming, Start Playing!

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (January 18, 2007) — Squier® by Fender® is proud to introduce its most tempting guitar/amp packages to date: the Affinity Strat® HSS with G-DEC® Junior amp package and the Affinity Strat® HSS with Bullet® 150 DSP amp package. These sexy new offerings raise the bar for “all-in-one” packages, bringing easy-to-play instruments and cutting-edge features to more young and aspiring guitarists than ever before.

“For years, Squier guitar and amp packages have put thousands of young musicians on the path to playing an instrument and making music,” commented Squier Marketing Manager Chris Gill. “Now, the world’s most popular “all-in-one” player’s packages have taken a step up in terms of instrument quality, amp technology, and overall value.”

The “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing™” Affinity Strat® HSS with G-DEC Junior amp lets guitarists jam with confidence, thanks to a high-quality Squier Strat with a humbucking pickup—perfect for rock styles—as well as the revolutionary G-DEC Junior amplifier, which features a wide range of stunning tones and a built-in rhythm section.

The Affinity Strat HSS offers a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, a dual-single-coil/single-humbucking pickup combination, and the legendary tone that only Fender can deliver. The included 15-watt G-DEC Junior amp is unlike any other practice amp on the market. It gives guitarists 16 classic amp sounds ranging from “tweed” to “metal” to “acoustic,” plus 29 effects, 10 reverbs, a metronome, an auxiliary input and flexible tone-shaping capabilities. Better still, with the G-DEC Junior’s backing patterns, aspiring guitarists can practice and jam along with a tireless rhythm companion, honing their chops for their first—or 1,000th—gig.

The Affinity Strat® HSS with Bullet® 150 DSP amp package is equally compelling. This package includes the same Affinity Strat HSS guitar, but offers a different amplifier in the Bullet 150 DSP. This solid-state amp delivers 15 watts of pure Fender tone, in clean and distorted flavors, sweetened by 15 available digital effects like reverb, delay, tremolo and echo—built right into the amp. Like the G-DEC Junior, the Bullet 150 DSP includes an auxiliary input for plugging in an iPod® or CD player, as well as a headphone output for silent practice. It also includes a built-in tuner.

Like Squier’s previous guitar-and-amp packages, these new offerings include a guitar strap, instrument cable, a gig bag and a pick sampler, so budding guitarists can simply open the box, plug in and rock.

Squier “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing™” guitar-and-amp packages will be available beginning February 2007.
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