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AV Basses Uses Kahler Tremolos

United States
Oceanside, California USA May 22, 2007 - AV Basses is now offering models with the Kahler tremolos for bass guitar. Using only the finest in materials, the Kahler bass tremolos are the only way to go according to Ales Vychodil, designer and builder of the AV Basses.

The ultimate in design, Kahler bridges are world renown for their quality, reliability and performance. Make that Kahler bridge a Kahler tremolo and you become unstoppable!

The line of Kahler bass tremolos features fully adjustable saddles allowing you to set your desired string spacing, your preferred radius or action and dial in dead on intonation. By utilizing a cam system to operate the tremolo system, you get a silky smooth feel for that articulate vibrato plus the ability to annihilate your lead guitarist across the stage with whammy bar gymnastics of your own.

Kahler Professional bass tremolos are available in 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 string models with prices starting at $379.00 USD.

Kahler Hybrid bass Tremolos are available in 4,5 and 6 string models starting at $249.00 USD.

About Kahler International, Inc.

Kahler International, Inc. is the leading manufacture of tremolo and fixed bridges systems for electric guitar and bass. Used by guitar and bass manufacture’s, high profile endorser’s and musicians alike, Kahler proudly maintains its recognition as the reliable, quality performing bridge of choice throughout the world.

About AV Basses

Founded in 1999 by builder Ales Vychodil, AVB Basses has been building some of the worlds finest instruments ever since. Models range from 4 to 7 string fretted or fretless using only the best materials available. avbasses.cz
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