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Beyerdynamic’s M 160 Ribbon Microphone Celebrates 50-Year Milestone

United States
FARMINGDALE, NY, MAY 7, 2007 — One of most popular and unique products in the beyerdynamic line is celebrating a milestone this year as the M 160 ribbon microphone turns 50.

The manufacturing process utilized in this high-quality studio microphone has basically remained unchanged since its introduction in 1957. Originally developed as an alternative to the then expensive and delicate condenser microphone, the ribbon microphone remains an ideal option for many recording situations due to its extremely accurate sound reproduction. Since the microphone does not contain electronic components apart from the transformer, the linear sound characteristics are authentic and there is less interference.

“beyerdynamic is one of the last remaining companies to offer ribbon technology in their microphone line,” says Paul Froula. “One of the reasons we can continue to do so is that the majority of our products are still manually produced, which allows us to manufacture special products and product lines without additional cost to the consumer. As a result of beyerdynamic’s commitment to quality manufacturing, users will be able to enjoy the exceptional sonic quality of the M 160 for another 50 years.”

To celebrate this milestone, beyerdynamic is releasing 200 limited special edition M 160 microphones worldwide with the original chrome-plated housing. An additional 50 will be offered together with an M 130 as M/S stereo sets.

About beyerdynamic:

beyerdynamic, with headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, and distributed in the USA by beyerdynamic Inc., has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of premium-grade microphones, headphones and microphone systems since 1924. With its commitment to continuous research and innovative developments for the audio industry, beyerdynamic features a continuing wide range of the latest technologies and high quality standard products including microphones, headphones, wireless systems, conference systems, sound reinforcement components and accessories.
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