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OLP Releases New Two Pickup Models MM22 And MM23 Basses

United States
May, 11, 2007. Clearwater, Florida - OLP recently announced a new leaner, highly focused line of instruments. With the new revamped line comes the arrival of the MM22 and MM23 basses. Following on the successful footsteps of the dual pickup Music Man Sterling, OLP® introduces its own two pick up MM series basses. With the added tonal versatility of a second pickup, the 4-string MM22 and 5-string MM-23 deliver the perfect foundation. Along with the addition of the new neck pickup, there is also a new 5-way control switch. The five-way switch allows a player to use either the neck or bridge humbucker alone, both humbuckers together, as well as two splits that combine both inside and outside coils.

To top it all off, OLP has tricked out these new basses with two of the most attractive finishes ever to grace a OLP or even a Music Man bass — shimmering Graphite Pearl and deep Black Cherry.

OLP guitars and basses are officially licensed from Ernie Ball Music. OLP products deliver the essence of popular high-end equipment at a fraction of the cost.

  • MM22 4-String MSRP: $570
  • MM23 5-String MSRP: $650

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