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Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse Installs Adamson In New Venue

United States
Toronto, Ontario, May 8, 2007 — Rendered blind from eye cancer since the age of one, Healey picked up his first guitar at three, started performing in public by the age of six. His technique of playing the instrument flat on his lap went on to become a trademark of his performance.

For many years the Grammy nominated, Juno winning blues guitarist Jeff Healey, ran a music-based club called Healey’s on Bathurst Street in Toronto. He played guitar with his rock and blues-rock outfit The Jeff Healey Band every Thursday, and his jazz group, Jeff Healey and the Jazz Wizards every Sunday. Over the years it became apparent that the clubs” popularity had outgrown the Bathurst Street location and Jeff decided it was time to move to a larger venue.

On December 15th, Healey’s moved into their new location. Located in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district, the new location is situated on prime real estate and plays host to some of the best entertainment in town. With a capacity of 700 guests, the new venue will attract even better known artists in the rock, jazz, blues genres. The name has been changed from Healey’s to Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse, but the atmosphere and music remain the same.

A long time friend of Jeff Healey’s and national production company owner Steve Towers of “Towers Clair Showco” was contracted to do the sound design, as well as to ensure proper installation.

The Roadhouse house sound engineer, as well as Jeff Healey’s FOH Engineer, Debbie Murphy mixes on a 48 channel PM 4000, and for monitor console a 48 channel Paragon PII does the trick. The Roadhouse’s new sound system is comprised of 2 Adamson SpekTrix 5 degree boxes, flown with a single 15 degree SpekTrix Wave as a downfill on each side. Two LX10’s are used as outfills and two SX Subs per side, provide all the necessary bass. On the stage, six Clair Bros 12am and 1 ML18 Drum Sub provide monitoring. Lab.gruppen fP3400 & fP6400 power the entire system and XTA handles the processing.

Recently recovering from cancer surgery, Healey has once again taken to playing guitar with his rock and jazz bands every Thursday and Sunday at the new location.


  • Speakers: Adamson SpekTrix, Adamson SpekTrix Wave, Adamson SX Sub, Adamson LX10
  • FOH Console: Yamaha, PM-4000/48
  • MON Console: ATI, Paragon II/48
  • Amps: Lab.gruppen fP3400 & fP6400
  • Monitors: Clair 12am, Clair ML18 —QSC, 2.0 Power, Clair (Lake) Processing
  • Processors: XTA
  • FOH Effects Rack:

    • 1 x Roland, SDE-3000
    • 2 x Yamaha, SPX 1000
    • 1 x Yamaha, PRO-R3
    • 8 x dbx, 903 - Comps
    • 4 x dbx, 172 — Gates
    • 1 x Denon, CDR-W1500
    • 2 x Klark, DN-360 EQ

Adamson Systems Engineering develops and manufactures high-end loudspeaker systems for the professional touring and installation market throughout the world. With over twenty years of experience, Adamson is recognized as an industry leader in the research and production of innovative loudspeaker technologies.
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