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Zildjian Combines New Backbeat™ Drumstick With Exclusive Features [ Winter Namm 2007 ]

United States
New Stick Combines Design With DIP® and ANTI-VIBE™

Norwell, Massachusetts, USA - 19 January 2007 — The Avedis Zildjian Company announces four new additions to its innovative line of drumsticks. The new BACKBEAT™ design is available in 5A and 5B, and with either Zildjian-exclusive ANTI-VIBE™ or Purple DIP® feature.

The BACKBEATS feature dual butt-ends for players who prefer to use only the butt-end for a strong backbeat. The “rear” of the sticks is equipped with either ANTI-VIBE for vibration reduction, or Purple DIP for grip enhancement, where the player normally grips the stick. The front of the stick is slightly tapered and finished with Zildjian’s clear lacquer.

Ron Allman, Drumstick Product Manager, said, “Many players who enjoy the features of our ANTI-VIBE and DIP drumsticks lose the benefits of the sticks when they turn them around to use the butt-end. The BACKBEATS take care of that problem. Drummers can use one BACKBEAT along with one of their traditional 5A’s or 5B’s, or use a pair of BACKBEATS for added power.”

The DIP material is a special coating that is applied to the grip area of the stick to provide a comfortable, slightly tacky gripping surface. This allows drummers to loosen their grip and relax their hands more, particularly in sweaty playing situations.

Developed in conjunction with noted vibration authority, Sims Anti-Vibration Technologies, Zildjian ANTI-VIBE Drumsticks contain a patented feature that effectively reduces key vibrations. By reducing the amount of vibration present in the struck stick, the ANTI-VIBE drumstick is easier to play and more comfortable for many players, than standard sticks. The stick maintains its conventional lacquer finish and appearance, while the vibration absorption technology is contained out of the way, inside the butt-end of the stick.
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