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Warwick Custom Shop: Control Knobs With Inlay-Design [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
28 March 2007 — There are new options for Warwick and Framus custom-made instruments! As there were inlays in all possible forms and motives, illuminated by LED’s or not, they were primarily designed for the fingerboard. With the new Custom Shop knobs, the handcrafted nacre motifs now are capturing the hardware of guitars and basses.

The Warwick “Flamin” Blonde” LTD 2007 has put it before: as there were formerly coloured caps only for the controllers of the CT-models, the Warwick designers developed a flame-inlay particularly for this limited custom model, which does not only adorn the fingerboard, but also can be found on the domes of the controller-knobs.

This idea has been extended: as of now, each inlay-motif of the Custom Shop is also available as a motif for the knobs of the instrument, independently from the colour of the hardware. The inlay of each controller is handcrafted out of pure nacre.

These precious components are available as of now for instruments of the Framus/ Warwick Custom Shop, but can also be ordered separately as replacement parts for the improvement of the own instrument.

The extra charge within a custom order depends on each configuration.
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