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Warwick Stryker Mahogany [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
28 March 2007 — With the Stryker Mahogany, Warwick is presenting the instrument for bassists who primarily want this: MORE! No frills, straight forward and with lots of power.

The neck-through construction of this mighty bass of a multi-layered Maple neck and a Wenge fingerboard is a real wonder of sustain. The used tone wood supports the construction, since massive Mahogany gives the sound an immense pressing and rocking fundament. Only a few basses are producing such a full tone solely by their construction – yet a fewer number is such distinctive! The characteristic Buzzard-headstock, the ample body – this bass doesn’t call for attention, it already got it already by its design.

The tone-transforming section of this sound machine, equipped with two active MEC P-style pickups in mirrored order and a versatile active MEC 2-way pre-amp, variably converts the sound produced by the excellent tone woods: from the piano-string tone up to a merciless rock-sound.

Thus, the Stryker offers more sustain, more fundament, more aesthetics and more flexibility, briefly: MORE BASS

This bass is generally available only as 4-string, left-hand- and fretless-models are – as always – without extra charge.
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