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Warwick Corvette Taranis [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
28 March 2007 — In 2007, the year of its anniversary, Warwick is presenting the new Corvette Taramis to the world. A detail, immediately attracting one’s eye, is the unique Sanded Oil finish. This treatment extremely emphasizes the grain of the wood. This is only possible due to the different densities of the wood structure. Ash has the particular property to provide a very raw structure as a result of the wood layers of different hardness grades. Thus, each bass gets its very individual and noticeable fingerprint.

The remaining construction of this bass complies with Warwick’s general high quality standards: the bolt-on multi-layer Ovangkol neck with a Wenge fingerboard is oiled for a better grip feeling and provides easy playing up to the high fret positions. By the way, the nut is the Just-A-Nut III, newly developed by Warwick, which replaces the predecessor — the Just-A-Nut II.

Another extraordinary detail of the Taranis is the factory-set low B tuning. It anticipates the wide-spread down-tuning, which is very popular even in the Metal-area. Serially equipped passive MEC pickups with extra large pole-pieces in a MM/J arrangement are responsible to transform these low bass frequencies.

The Taranis is available as 4-string (B/E/A/D) or 5-string (B/E/A/D/G). It will be shipped ex-factory with the Warwick “User Kit” and a RockBag® “Premium Line Plus “ gig bag.
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