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Warwick Vampyre “Dark Lord” Bass [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
28 March 2007 — The Vampyre Dark Lord is the first production bass especially built for the ultra-low F# tuning. With its sand-blasted Ovangkol body and French Ash top in a sandwich construction, its 35-inch scale length neck and active electronics it meets the needs of those bassists who are working with the most extreme down-tunings.

The lowest tone of this bass is at approximately 23 Hz. In order to stand the bulky tones of this tuning, its construction needs to have mass. Compared to the regular Vampyre model, the body has been dimensioned approximately 10-15% larger. Also the selection of the tone woods shows the intension of the underlying construction. Especially the French Ash is a heavy sort of ash, which shows a more homogeneous grain and a more dense wood structure than Swamp Ash. It is perfectly suitable for the extraordinary Sanded finish, where the wood is sand-blasted and the surface structured in an intense way due to the different hardness grades.

In addition to the heavy construction, MEC pickups and an active 3-band tone control are available to manage the mighty bass sound of the Dark Lord. The bridge humbucker of the active J/TJ-equipment can be split, thus activating the bridge coil.

The “Dark Lord” is exclusively available as 4-string, either with a Sanded Coloured Oil finish or with a High Polish body surface.

It will be shipped including Warwick “Dark Lord” Black Label strings (.085″/.105″/.135″/.175″) — especially developed for this bass, a Warwick “User Kit” and a “Premium Line Plus” RockBag®.
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