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D-Tar® Scores A Direct Hit With Load “N Lock™, Now Available For After-Market Sale

United States
Santa Barbara, California, June 1, 2007 — D-TAR announces the release their Wave-Length™ under-saddle pickup with the revolutionary Load “N Lock™ battery access for after-market sale. Previously, this revolutionary system was only available as original equipment on USA-made Guild® guitars. The Wave-Length pickup combines a thin, piezo transducer with an 18-volt, low-noise preamp. Eighteen volts translates to twice the headroom and dynamic range of a typical 9-volt system, allowing a player to strum extra hard without experiencing dreaded piezo “quack.”

To derive its 18 volts, the Wave-Length merely requires two standard “AA” batteries. The secret is a proprietary voltage power booster. In addition, the Wave-Length’s pre-amp features two adjustable trim pots — one low-frequency shelving and one high-frequency shelving. The result is transparent amplification of the natural timbre of an acoustic guitar with minimal coloration.

The Wave-Length’s volume and tone controls are located in the soundhole for easy access. With all the controls at one’s fingertips, and the preamp itself residing at the endpin, there’s no loss of tone or dampening of vibrations due to batteries and electronics being attached to a side-mounted pre-amp assembly.

Perhaps the most striking innovation is D-TAR’s new, patent-pending, Load “N Lock system, which allows quick and easy “AA” battery changes. Simply unscrew the endpin “collar,” remove the old batteries, and pop in the new ones. A quarter turn of the collar is all a player needs to lock them in place.

D-TAR is the new company that joins acoustic pickup designer Rick Turner with Seymour Duncan Pickups. In addition to the Wave-Length pickup with Load “N Lock battery access, D-TAR’s product range includes a variety of pickups and off-board electronics for serious acoustic musicians.

Guild is a registered trademark of FMIC with which D-TAR is not affiliated.
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