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Randall Amplifiers Appoints Sound Technology For UK Distribution

United States
Chicago, IL - April 26, 2007 - Randall Amplifiers announces the appointment of Sound Technology plc as the new UK distributor for its guitar amplifier products. Randall is a division of U.S. Music Corporation, the Chicago-based company that also makes Washburn and Parker Guitars, both of which are also distributed by Sound Technology plc. Sound Technology plc is one of the largest independent distributors of music instruments and audio products in the UK. For more information visit the Sound Technology web site at www.soundtech.co.uk/randall.

About Randall Amplifiers:

Randall Amplifiers is owned by U.S. Music Corporation located near Chicago, Illinois. U.S. Music Corp. is the corporate parent for world-recognized brands including Randall Amplifiers, Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Eden Amplifiers, SoundTech Professional Audio, Oscar Schmidt, and Lyon Musical Instruments.
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