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sE Electronics Launch And Ship New Products For Spring 2007

United States
27 April 2007 -

New Product News:

sE4 — sE are set to replace the sE3 and sE3 pair this summer with the brand new sE4. The mic is a remodelled sE3, designed to sound and perform exactly the same, and with very similar styling, but with one key new feature. The chassis has been re-engineered to accept 2 additional interchangeable capsules, a Hypercardioid and an Omni. The sE4 has been renamed, despite its similarity to the existing sE3, to avoid confusion, since the new capsules will NOT fit on the current sE3 model. Both single and matched pairs of mic and capsule sets will be available, and the packaging has also been updated with sE’s hi spec black Aluminium, steel reinforced, flight cases. All sE4 packages ship with full suspension shock mounts included.

The sE4 ships in July 2007 and retails at €239 ex vat for single mic, €489 ex vat for the stereo pair. Capsule sets will cost €239 and €489 respectively for single and matched pair mics.

GM10 — another world’s first from the cutting edge of mic development, the brand new Guitar mic. This innovative design has been put together to solve an age old problem in recording acoustic guitars. When studio recording using condensers, there has always (until now!) been a trade off between getting a clinical take and getting a good performance, because any movement off axis when recording drastically alters the captured “sound’.

The sE Guitar Mic solves this problem elegantly, with three major innovations:

1. the design incorporates a simple but effective clamp mechanism which holds the body of the mic in place close to the guitar. The capsule is separated from the pre amp along an extension arm which allows the user to position the capsule over any area of the sound box.

2. The capsule has a built in shock mount (patent pending) which further helps to effectively isolate the diaphragm from any mechanical noise from the guitar.

3. The capsule itself is the world’s smallest gold sputtered mylar type. It sounds like a large diaphragm condenser, but has incredibly good transient response, and it’s diminutive size means it’s easy to position and unobtrusive.

The GM10 not only allows the user to perform freely while getting perfect takes, it also saves huge amounts of time in setting up takes, as the mic is permanently set in the correct position, so the user does not have to spend minutes before each take getting the “right sound” again. The mic and assembly ship together in a Black Aluminium flight case.

This is a massive innovation following the huge success of sE’s Reflexion Filter, and another sure fire hit! The GM10 is shipping in June 2007 and retails at €407 ex vat

Shipping Now:

USB2200a, USB1000a, Instrument Reflexion Filter, Instrument Reflexion Filter Studio Kit, Z5600 II and Gemini II

USB2200a - sE are now shipping the world’s first truly professional USB mic in the shape of the mighty USB2200a — the USB2200a is a USB2 microphone based on the multiple award winning studio standard sE2200a capsule. It records CD quality audio (record path16 bit 48K, output 24 bit 48K) via USB directly to your DAW. The mic has several features unique from USB mics currently on the market including, ultra-low latency headphone monitoring (less than 1ms) with mix control and a proprietary chip and software set, developed by sE, which deals with both “current noise” faced by all competitor products, and delivers the first true “plug in and play” USB mic by means of embedded software drivers.

The USB2200a retails at €274 ex vat.

USB1000a, an entry level USB only mic, is also shipping this month. It has the same chip and software set as the USB2200a, which means “ultra low capsule noise” and true plug in and play performance. Competitors quote low self noise for their electronics; this is VERY different to capsule noise, from which they all suffer. USB condenser mics are powered via the 5V supplied by the USB port on your laptop or DAW. This voltage has to be transformed to 48V to power the capsule (just like phantom power on your console). sE are the only manufacturer to deal with the problem of amplifying “noise” in the unfiltered electrical current before it is amplified when transformed. As such, the capsule noise in other products limits their real usefulness to non-studio applications like pod-casting, while both the USB2200a and the USB1000a deliver professional quality recordings.

The USB1000a retails at only €150 ex vat, by far the best sounding USB anywhere near this price point, and much better than other more expensive models.

Instrument Reflexion Filter — following on from the hugely successful Reflexion Filter (patent pending), one of the audio industry products of the year in 2006, sE have announced shipping of their new Instrument Reflexion Filter (patent pending). Designed to give a degree of acoustic isolation and rejection of room ambience for drum mic separation, the Instrument RF can also be used for micing guitars, pianos, wind instruments… in fact any application where non-intrusive isolation is needed. Because of its small size the Instrument RF can be used for applications where the industry standard Reflexion Filter is too large.

The Instrument RF retails at €150 ex vat. Also available as a 5 piece, flight cased set for drummers/studios and live use (called IRF Studio) at €595 ex vat.

Z5600a II and Gemini I. Last, but by no means least, we have news on 2 new major updates to the sE range. sE have launched and are now shipping the all new Z5600a II and Gemini II. Both mics have had a packaging face lift, where most manufacturers are cutting corners with card or plastic boxes instead of proper flight cases, sE have improved on their existing flight cases, now shipping both models with fully professional, steel reinforced, Aluminium flight cases. The mics themselves have both gained a 10dB pad and Bass cut switch, and both are now shipping with funky new, solid brushed Aluminium PSU’s, which not only look the business, but offer much lower signal to noise than the mark I versions.

The Z5600a II retails at €699 ex vat and the Gemini II at €1199 ex vat.

For more information, or to reserve one of the first units to ship please contact Sonic Distribution at www.sonic-distribution.com or visit the sE web site at www.seelectronics.com
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