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Parker Guitars Begins Shipping Limited Edition Exotic Snakeskin Guitars To Dealers

United States
Chicago, IL - April 18, 2007 - Parker Guitars proudly announces the availability of Limited Edition Exotic Snakeskin guitars. The Parker US Custom Shop is producing a limited run of 50 Parker Fly Mojo guitars, each featuring genuine, farm-raised python snakeskin carefully hand-fitted to the top of the guitar body. These guitars are now shipping to select retailers, which are listed on the Parker website.

The Fly Mojo Exotic Python guitar has a list price of $6000, including a custom-fit hard case, a certificate of authenticity, and a sample of the actual snakeskin used on the guitar.

The new Fly Mojo Exotic Python guitars include all the unique features that have made the Fly Mojo one of Parker’s most iconic models, including a thin, deeply-carved mahogany body and proprietary carbon-glass material bonded to the back of the body, neck, and entire headstock for superior strength - all in a well-balanced, five-pound guitar. The guitar also includes Seymour Duncan® humbucker pickups with push/pull coil tap controls coupled with custom Fishman Transducer® piezo pickups and a stereo preamp. Hardware includes a Parker custom-cast aluminum vibrato bridge, stainless steed saddles, stainless steel frets, and Sperzel® locking tuners.

About Parker Guitars

Parker Guitars is owned by U.S. Music Corporation located near Chicago, Illinois. U.S. Music Corp. is the corporate parent for world-recognized brands including Washburn Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Amplifiers, Sound Tech Professional Audio, Oscar Schmidt, and Lyon Musical Instruments.
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