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Innovative New GNI Effects Pedals From Brazil, A New Standard In Quality & Design [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
31 March 2007 — GNI Music presents a range of pedals developed with a team of professional musicians. We started based on the best references available, and worked a lot to improve timbre, add resources and be innovative. On our website you can see videos and demos of all pedals. We use the best materials to make robust, reliable products. All pedals have two footswitches, allowing them to be “two in one” or adding resources, like a booster or a second stage of distortion. These are for advanced players and professional musicians.

GNI Amp Simulator:

It’s not just a complete and powerful simulator, able to reproduce timbres of the most popular amplifiers, but also a versatile booster pedal.


  • 3 switches, for Mic, Mod and Amp, allowing 27 different combinations.
  • 5 effect potentiometers: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble and Level.
  • 1 potentiometer to set booster’s intensity

GNI Dual Drive:

Two complete (and different) overdrives in a single pedal, and you can instantaneously switch between them with a foot click. Each overdrive has its particular timbre, and both allow you to go from overdrive to hyper overdrive modes.

Controls (each overdrive)

  • 1 switch to choose Overdrive, Super Overdrive or Hyper Overdrive mode.
  • 3 potentiometers: Drive, Tone and Level.

GNI X-Treme Distortion:

This pedal has two distortion stages, allowing you to play from a light distortion to an extreme one. The “x-treme” mode is activated by the footswitch, and besides increasing distortion, it also adds a little level, emphasizing your solo over the rest of the band.


  • 1 switch to chose a Vintage timbre, a Modern one or Intermediate.
  • 5 potentiometers: Drive, Level, Low, High and Extreme Mode’s intensity.

GNI Shred Pro:

English groups created many classic timbres that made rock history during the sixties and seventies. GNI put those sounds in its Shred Pro, with 6 controls and an independent booster.


  • 1 switch to choose among three classical timbres
  • 5 potentiometers: Drive, Level, Bass, Mid and Treble
  • 1 potentiometer for booster’s intensity

Features In All GNI Pedals:

  • True Buffer Bypass: clear, lossless sound, with preserved high tones and low output impedance, improving overall quality throughout the signal path.
  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology): the most modern assembling technology, guarantying quality and reliability.
  • Mechanical footswitches: for excellent tactile feel when pressed.
  • Exclusive and patented design: because your pedal doesn’t have to look like any other. Developed in close partnership with GNI’s team of professional musicians.
  • Made in Brazil.
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