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24th Edition Festival International De Musique Actuelle De Victoriaville [ Victoriaville, Québec, Canada, May 17-21, 2007 ]

United States


Victoriaville, Canada (April 11, 2007) — The 24th edition of the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV) will take place, in all its eclectic glory, from Thursday the 17th till Monday the 21st of May 2007.

Jazz, Electroacoustics, Dance, Rock, Noise, Cabaret — there will be something for everyone. Come and get to know Musique Actuelle, this Sound Matter. Get immersed in its musical riches. Stunning discoveries await you!

“What is Musique Actuelle? It’s Sound Matter”, explains FIMAV CEO and Artistic Director Michel Levasseur. “We are all influenced by this new Sound Matter we record at each Festival. This Sound Matter helps up further develop our understanding of art, music, society, and our own personal lives! All these new sounds, noises and silences performed by so many musicians, most of whom are unknown to us! What a laboratory, what fertile ground for research and discoveries! Victoriaville is like an archeological site for the future!”

Jazz Currents ...

For our opening concert, the Great Lady of the Piano, MARILYN CRISPELL, will make her first appearance in Victoriaville in seven years for the World Premiere of a brand new quartet. Together with three new jazz virtuosos, LOTTE ANKER, ANDREW CYRILLE and MARK HELIAS, she will be gracefully setting the 24th FIMAV in motion.

Hailing from Holland and appearing in North America for the first time, the CORKESTRA will continue the opening evening at the Colisée. This ensemble led by COR FUHLER features some of the top Dutch avant-garde jazz and rock musicians.

JOHN ZORN, the saxophonist who has been consistently questioning and pushing back the limits of art, will take the stage at the Cinéma Laurier, on his own, without pretension, to share his immense talent.

Finally, the living legend of new jazz, ANTHONY BRAXTON will deliver not one, but two performances at this 24th FIMAV. One will feature the DIAMOND CURTAIN WALL TRIO, a project founded in 2005 and with which BRAXTON has entered the Electronic Age. For his other performance, BRAXTON will be surrounded by 12 musicians (some young ones and some long-standing acolytes), the ANTHONY BRAXTON 12(+1) TET, which performs the most contemporary of jazz music.

Rock & Noise Currents ...

Rock comes in various shapes and sizes at this year’s FIMAV, starting with the noisy psychedelic rock of ACID MOTHERS GONG. Members of Acid Mothers Temple intermingle with members of space rock pioneering band Gong for a project of improvised rock music, poetry and noise nirvana. Led by DAEVID ALLEN, ACID MOTHERS GONG is as “actuel” as rock gets.

MELVINS have never played normal or even predictable heavy metal, and their boldness will surely mess up your hair. The group has recently drafted the duo Big Business in its ranks and will present us its new twin- drummer lineup.

Following MELVINS” studied primitivism is KOENJI HYAKKEI’s incredible complexity. Led by drummer TATSUYA YOSHIDA, this group combines the emotion and voice of the opera with the speed of hardcore to obtain an acrobatic form of avant-progressive rock.

Alternative rock will also have its say with CARLA BOZULICH and her “EVANGELISTA” project, with a brand-new band featuring musicians from Montreal’s alt-rock scene. Lots of feeling and atmosphere to be expected.

It may be difficult to imagine for some people, but it’s true: KEIJI HAINO and MERZBOW, two behemoths of the Japanoise scene, in the North American Premiere of their duo project “KIKURI.” And as if that was not enough, sound artist DANIEL MENCHE will be the opening act of this double-billed closing event. The Colisée will be shaking, we guarantee it! Finally, let’s also mention: FOND OF TIGERS, a group from Vancouver whose music lies at the crossroads of post-rock, prog rock and NYC avant-jazz, and; MAGIK MARKERS, a subtle-yet-brutal noise-rock duo from New England.

Electroacoustic Currents...

For his belated first appearance in Victoriaville, JOHN TILBURY will be premiering a new electroacoustic improvisation quartet of piano, violin, doublebass and computer, featuring also STEVIE WISHART, CHRISTOF KURZMANN and WERNER DAFELDECKER.

“SIGNAL QUINTET” features some of the boldest improvisers from Switzerland under JASON KAHN’s direction. Their take on electro- acoustic improv focuses as much on the electronic treatment of their instruments than on the instruments themselves.

Led by FRANCISCO LÓPEZ, the electroacoustic collective VICTORIAVILLE MATIÈRE SONORE will be presenting a segued work using field recordings made in Victoriaville last winter.

There is also MICHAEL SNOW, ALAN LICHT and AKI ONDA’s improv trio and the electroacoustic collective THERESA TRANSISTOR. And JEAN-FRANÇOIS LAPORTE’s compressed air devices may be of an entirely acoustic nature, but the sounds he gets out of them strongly evoke the electronic realm.

Multimedia Currents...

For a few years now, FIMAV has been making little forays into multimedia waters, and we carry on in that direction this year with: JOANE HÉTU’s “FILATURE,” a work where rock song, minimalism and improvisation intertwine with PIERRE HÉBERT’s live animation; HANS TAMMEN and FINE KWIATKOWSKI’s guitar/dance duo; a concert by the QUASAR saxophone quartet where ALEXANDRE BURTON and JULIEN ROY will be filming the musicians and processing those images into sonic treatments, and finally; LARRY PEACOCK’s feminist cabaret performance art.

And let’s not forget KEVIN BLECHDOM and EUGENE CHADBOURNE’s banjo duo, an uncategorizable project standing somewhere between naughty pop song, new bluegrass and pure onstage craziness.

Two Major Partners Team Up with FIMAV

FIMAV is proud to announce two major partnerships with local organizations. Cascades, a collaborator of 21 years, has reiterated its collaboration with FIMAV, increasing its support to major partner level for the next two years.

Also, the Conférence régionale des élus du Centre-du-Québec (CRECQ) and FIMAV have signed a three-year promotion agreement. FIMAV is a unique event in the Centre-du-Québec area and the Festival intends to increase its penetration in the area. The CRECQ wished to highlight the FIMAV’s regional and “centrical” nature, and its international renown. Therefore, the “Centre-du-Québec” graphic signature will appear on all the FIMAV’s promotional items.

Information and Tickets

For more information about the 24th FIMAV’s schedule and to buy concert tickets, please contact Productions Plateforme inc. at 1-819-752- 7912.

You can see our full schedule on our website at: www.fimav.qc.ca

Tickets are also available through ADMISSION at 1-514-790-1245 or toll free 1-800-361-4595.
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