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Kahler International Announces All New Eight String Tremolos

United States
...build it and they will come.

Oceanside, Califronia USA, April 11, 2007 — The all new Kahler eight string tremolos are taking us by storm. We knew there was a market but not this big of a market! Since we’ve been back in the game, we’ve recieved the occassional phone call or e-mail for such a beast from both builders and players. We finally broke down and did it and now that we’ve went into production, orders keep coming in.

The great thing for builders is that the bridge only requires minimal top routing so there is no turning the body over for excessive routing out of the back or punching all the way through the body. This alone saves production time and money. And for the palyer, it saves tone.

The 2318 and 2328 flat mount series retrofits all flat top guitar bodies. By mounting directly to the body, you have a direct transfer of tone ressonating directly through for ultimate tone and sustain. The bridges feature fully adjustable saddles with up to three inches of string spacing, up and down adjustment for ultimate action and individual front to back saddle adjustments for perfect intonation. The 2318 features steel saddles and the 2328 use brass. Prices start at $399.00 USD.

The 2218 and 2228 stud mount series are perfect for those who prefer guitars with a carved top. All of the features are the sames as above and prices start at $409.00 USD. All models available in chrome, black chrome, black nickel and gold.

With the recent success, we also chose to include the 8 string in our line of Hybrid tremolos. The flat mount model is 7328 and the stud mount model is the 7228. Prices for the Hybrid eight strings start at $299.00 USD.

All eight string bridges feature custom brass saddles for the seventh and eighth string. We found that the brass material performed best in maintaining the harmonics, tone and sustain under the uniques tension and gauges of these strings. In addition, these saddles are custom cut to accommodate the wider gauge strings.

Stay tuned for what’s next!

About Kahler International, Inc.

Kahler International, Inc. is located in Oceanside, California and is the manufacture of the industries best performing, most reliable and highest quality bridge systems today.
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