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Genuine Twenty Bronze Sound From Paiste [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

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Nottwil/Switzerland, 28 March 2007 — The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the introduction of «Twenty» cymbals at the 2007 Musik Messe.

In the past half century, Paiste has created pioneering series such as the «Stambul», the «Formula 602», the «2002», and the «Signature», by exploring and employing various alloys for cymbals. Now, Paiste’s continuous search for origin and truth in sound from manually malleable metals leads it back to the original cymbal bronze. For centuries, such legendary 20% bronze, with its primal and archaic sound potency, has been produced in Turkey according to ancient knowledge, and to this day remains the only source for genuine Turkish bronze.

Murat Diril, a cymbal smith from Turkey, has spend his life learning the time-honored art of manufacturing traditional cymbal bronze, and has brought it to a high degree of maturity. Paiste and Diril have now formed a collaboration that combines their respective experience and abilities in a ground-breaking project. For «Twenty» Cymbals, Paiste receives blanks of hand crafted bronze from Murat Diril, which it then treats and refines in Switzerland according to its skills and criteria for sound and function.

In this way, authentic Turkish bronze and world class Swiss craftsmanship come together to create a sensation in the world of cymbals. Not surprisingly, the «Twenty» series features cymbals with pure quality for the demanding requirements of professional drummers and percussionists. Their fundamental sound character is full, rich, warm, silvery and shimmering.

Initially, Paiste is introducing an essential assortment of models, which include the Crash in 16” & 18”, the Ride in 20” & 22”, the China in 16” & 18”, the Splash in 10”, and the Hi-Hat in 13” & 14” sizes.

«Twenty» cymbals, from the alloying to the hammering and lathing of the cymbals, are created entirely by hand according to ancient and traditional methods.
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