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SM Pro Audio Unveils The “Stage-Buddy” Personal Monitoring Solution [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
Melbourne, VIC, Australia (March 28, 2007) — SM Pro Audio is set to unveil the new “STAGE-BUDDY”, a feature rich personal monitoring control systems that’s affordable and easy to use at Musikmesse 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany, March 28-31, 2007.

Whether you are using floor wedges, an in-ear system, or a pair of headphones to monitor your audio, the new STAGE-BUDDY from SM Pro Audio represents the next generation in personal monitoring control. Featuring on board EQ, signal limiting, and a quality reverb, the STAGE-BUDDY provides a much-needed personal monitoring solution suitable for monitoring voice, guitar, or any line level or microphone signal.

Personal audio monitoring has for the main part been limited in use due to both the prohibitive expense of available systems coupled with their excessively complex operation for untrained users. With the release of STAGE-BUDDY personal monitoring is now accessible to the masses. The STAGE-BUDDY is not only affordable, but provides a much needed solution in a simple to use package. The STAGE-BUDDY heralds a new era in personal monitoring.

The STAGE-BUDDY system is an expandable monitoring solution comprised in its simplest form of one MASTER unit and four (4) REMOTE STAGE-BUDDY units. Remote units can be connected either directly to the Master unit or daisy chained (up to 8 units) to each other in succession using readily available standard CAT5 network cable. Bi-directional audio transmission and power is supplied to each remote unit directly from the MASTER unit making an extremely simple and elegant solution for distributing personal monitoring to end-users.

The MASTER unit is a 1RU 19″ rack-mountable hardware chassis that houses both the main audio connections for the system in addition to 8 x CAT5 distribution outlets for connection to the REMOTE units. Power/signal LED’s on the front panel provide display current audio activity whilst a handy split output pair is also provided to allow simple expandability of the system and offer further possibilities to audio engineers.

Each REMOTE unit is a little wonder in itself! With a host of features packed into a compact monitoring unit, the REMOTE offers quality personal microphone pre amplification, EQ, Reverb, limiting, and a powerful pristine headphone amplifier. The special and ingenious “MORE ME” control is a standout. What could be easier than simply turning up the MORE ME knob when wanting to listen to a little more of your own voice or instrument through a pair of headphones or monitoring amplifier?

How about a little reverb on your voice, or would you prefer wind back the top end a little? Simply dial in on the front panel of the STAGE-BUDDY REMOTE. Dial in some reverb, dial in MORE ME, and your done.

All housed in an external chassis, the STAGE-BUDDY is shielded from any stray electrical interference. Robust connectors are provided for all inputs and outputs.

Each STAGE-BUDDY system is sold as a bundled kit comprised of 1 x MASTER unit and 4 x STAGE-BUDDY REMOTE units for a list price of USD $995. Additional STAGE-BUDDY remote units are available at USD $200 per unit.

About SM Pro Audio:

SM Pro Audio has established a fine reputation for manufacturing high quality yet affordable products servicing the requirements of professional studios, project studios, and the AV install market alike. Located in Telgte, Germany and Melbourne Australia with a distribution network of strategic partners spanning over 20 countries, SM Pro Audio strives to provide top quality products and support services to audio professionals the world over for years to come.
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