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Logical Extension! ADJ Group Launches Accu-Cable, Complete Line Of Audio And DMX Cables

United States
LOS ANGELES, 6 April 2007 — The American DJ Group of Companies is providing a “missing link” to professional audio and DMX lighting users, with the introduction of a major new line of cables. Sold under the Accu-Cable brand name, the new cable line is designed to fill a gap in the market for high-quality, affordable audio and DMX cables and extension cords in a wide range of lengths and connector-types.

Included in the Accu-Cable line are mic, patch, speaker and DMX cables and connectors, as well as AC extension cords. An extremely large product selection is offered within each of these categories. For example, in speaker cables alone, the Accu-Cable line includes lengths ranging from 5” to 100” and 12- 14- and 16- gauge, in a wide variety of connector types.

“We developed the Accu-Cable line to provide a complete cable solution — a one-stop source where audio and lighting dealers and end-users could pick up all of their cable and cord needs,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “We were hearing from our customers that it wasn’t always easy to find good, quality affordable cables in the lengths they needed.”

This lack of availability has been a particular problem in the category of DMX cables. As a result, many people who couldn’t find DMX cables have been using XLR mic cables to link up their DMX lights and controllers, noted Davies.

“But XLRs are a poor substitute, because they don’t adequately support the DMX data rate, so they can make your lights give a “spotty,” poor performance.” Davies said. “People who do use DMX cables often have to spend more money and buy longer cables than they need, because they haven’t been able to find ones that meet their size requirements.”

The Accu-Cable line offers a solution to these problems by featuring a complete spectrum of DMX cable lengths, all at very affordable prices. Accu-Cable DMX cables are currently available in 5’, 10,” 25’, 50” and 100” lengths with either 3-pin or 5-pin connectors. Additionally, for larger users such as installers and productions, the company is offering DMX cable in 300” spools (connectors sold separately), which can be cut into desired lengths.

Similarly broad selections are available in other cable categories. For example, Accu-Cable’s mic cables range from 3’-100’. AC extension cords range from 6’-100” and are available in both black and light gray. The patch cable selection includes Dual RCA to Dual RCA, Dual RCA to Dual ¼”, Mini-plug to Dual RCA, and Mini-plug to Dual ¼” in various lengths. Midi cable is also available.

“Accu-Cable offers something for every type of pro audio and DMX lighting user — from large concert halls and stage productions, to nightclubs and DJs,” said Davies. “It’s a very complete product line.”

With its launching of Accu-Cable, the company is aiming to bring the same “quality at an affordable price” to cables that it did with lighting, said Davies. Accu-Cable products offer high-performance and reliability at extremely attractive prices.

“We are hoping to revolutionize the cable market, just as our American DJ division did with DJ/club lighting in the “80s, and our Elation Professional division did with professional lighting products in the “90s,” Davies commented.

The MSRPs of Accu-Cable DMX cables range from $7.95 for a 5” cable with a 3-pin connector to $99.95 for a 100” cable with a 5-pin connector. Speaker cables range from $4.95 to $124.95 MSRP. Mic cables range from $3.95 to $32.95 MSRP. Patch cables range from $3.95 to $9.95 MSRP.
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