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EPFM’s Molossoïd Guitar Amplifiers Blast Off [ Musikmesse 2007 ]

United States
28 March 2007 — EPFM of France launched its Molossoïd Guitar Amplifier at the Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt — held from 28 to 31 March 2007 — in the company of the innovative American instrument maker James Trussart, whose clients include Calvin Russell, ZZ Top, Eddie Van Halen and Metallica. Visitors were able to test the Molossoïd products in a specially built test cabin. The company is looking for international distributors.

EPFM (Electronic Products For Musicians) was founded by Alain Grandhaye, who has been a guitarist and technician for many years with a longstanding philosophy based on “developing by myself what others cannot offer me”. Drawing on his long experience as a repairman, Alain Grandhaye spent 2,500 hours on R&D in order to “develop an amplifier whose tones I don’t get tired of”.

Molossoïd is based on vacuum tubes and brings together a number of exclusive innovations, including original bi-amplification mixing EL34 and 6L6 tubes, pre-amplifier circuitry based on radio frequency (RF) tubes, an input stage of very high impedance with a sustainer of great linearity, and double equalization. Molossoïd, though it may initially appear to be specially designed for heavy metal, is in fact extremely versatile and offers constant quality on every register, as was demonstrated during the first audio-video test bed carried out by French magazine Guitar Live (www.guitar-live.com), which also rated the product 9/10. (Five videos are available on request.)

The Molossoïd range of electronic products is available in four different formats (heads, mono combos, stereo combos, and rackable modules), with a range of 16 models currently available, plus a line of Powerbreakers (30W, 60W and 100W). A range of exclusive effects and MIDI control accessories specially designed for guitar-playing user-friendliness will also be added to the range soon.

Molossoïd was described by French magazine Guitarist/Bass as a “lethal weapon” during their test bed No 193H (October 2006) and the magazine gave a score of 9/10 to the Molossoïd T72s, the brand’s first model. The T72s was then awarded the title of Best Amp of 2007 in the Guitarist/Bass Consumer Guide published the following month.

About EPFM

EPFM, which is headquartered in Rustroff (in eastern France), was established in 2004. The company manufactures guitar amplifiers and is looking for international distributors
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